Cheesecake- Love at first bite

That first bite of Blueberry cheescake And my whole world changed

First time I heard the word cheesecake in my favorite tv series, Friends when Chander found a cheesecake at a neighbor’s door, stole it, and shared its deliciousness. It sounded delicious of course but I had no idea how my tongue ll feel about it when I will actually get to eat it.

Last month, I took on a vacation and stayed with my friends for a few days in Lucknow.

They were bragging about some hazelnuts factory that is popular for its cheesecake over there. They told me, “If you’ll taste this godly dessert, your World will change”.

We got out of the house, traveled for 1 hour, and stood in line for 30 minutes and we had 1 kg box of blueberry cheesecake with us.

I tried to take a bite of it quickly but my friends didn’t let me, and said, “ This dessert demand your respect, let’s bring it home and eat it in a way it deserves”

At that time I had no clue what my friend had in mind. So we all got back and I was dying to go get inside his house on the first floor.

My friend unlocked the door, took the cake from my hands, asked Me to wait outside. I was like, “what the hell man!!”.

He came out with 3 forks and delicious-looking blueberry cheesecake, we all sat on the stairs, with forks.

I took the first bite, it was really a heavenly taste, it melted in my mouth gracefully, I felt every single ingredient in it.

Then we all started digging, each of us fighting for a bigger bite and within a few minutes, we were licking the forks and cake box to savor the last milligrams of deliciousness.

I couldn’t forget that day when my tongue met its soulmate, cheesecake.

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