A complete guide to Brihaspati Kund waterfall in Panna

400 feet high Brihaspati kund waterfall also Known as Niagara Falls of India is situated in  Pahari Khera village in Panna District (Madhya Pradesh). Brihaspati kund which is nearby to kalinjar is the most beautiful place in all the Bundelkhand areas. It is 37 km in distance from Panna, 85 km from Banda, and 29 km away from the kalinjar fort.

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Brihaspati Kund rainbow

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If you are planning to visit Brihaspati kund waterfall, Panna M.P then you must read this blog. You will get to know everything about this beautiful place. This blog will surely help you during your travel to Brihaspati kund

Click here to see -Best pictures and videos from Brihaspati kund waterfall

Things you must know about Brihaspati kund

Brihaspati Kund photo
A beautiful image of the waterfall was taken from a distance, Brihaspati kund waterfall’s height is 400 feet (approx) and width is 200 feet approx

Brihaspati kund in Panna is known for its natural beauty and magnificent waterfall which is 400 feet in height and approx 200-300 feet wide. Reaching the bottom of the Brashpati Kund waterfall is nothing less than an adventurous trek that is full of rocky roads and old-age stairs which were made by cutting mighty mountains.

While walking down to the heart of Brihaspati kund via rocky road, you can enjoy the beautiful visuals of the valley which is spread throughout the area.

You will enjoy every moment of your trip to Brihaspati kund Panna, let it be the road trip in the valley, trekking via mountains, taking bath in the cold water under the waterfall, having a picnic there, or just sitting there while watching the water falling from great height making huge roar, it all give so much peace of mind. you can go to this place with family, friends, and loved ones

Read in Hindi about Brihaspati kund

Brihaspati Kund
This is the way we took to reach the heart of this great tourist spot in Bundelkhand. You can see the beauty of this which is much more than a waterfall. we had to walk through this rocky road which is carved out of the mountain.

The water source for the Brahaspati Kund waterfall is the Baghien river which has its origin in the hills of Panna. The Distance of Brihaspati Kund from Pahari Khera village is about 6Km southwards. You can see the natural beauty of Baghein(Baghin) River valley and Waterfalls from Here.

Brihaspati Kund image Gallery

Brihaspati kund waterfall history and mythological connections

It has a backstory that relates to Hindu Mythology, according to that, Devguru Brihaspati (Vedic era sage who counsels the gods) made one Ashram here and performed Yagya(Yajna ).

According to mythology Lord Ram also visited this place during his 14-year exile.

What Brihaspati kund in Panna is famous for?

It is famous for its unique natural landscape and marvelous waterfall which I feel has extraordinary natural beauty, it has a great resemblance to Niagara Falls. This area is filled with greenery and natural resources like diamonds (Panna valley is famous for its diamond abundance and mining).

Mythological, historical, and cultural references can be found all over this place. We have found evidence of ancient rock painting around here which shows human activities like hunting and tribal gathering. It also shows the use of bow and arrow as hunting tools used by tribes during pre-historical times. There are enough pieces of evidence of human civilization which used to reside around this beautiful valley

Brihaspati kund waterfall images – magnificent pictures of Brihaspati kund

Since it came to the limelight during the Covid-19 lockdown, people from all around have been visiting the place, they have loved this place, and have shared images, videos, and google reviews about this waterfall in the Panna district. Videos and images went viral about this place on social media.

Best time to visit Brihaspati kund waterfall, Panna

Most people visit the Brihaspati Kund waterfall during the rainy season (July to September), it is when its beauty will be at a peak and the waterfall will be roaring. As per the local guide, this place is open for 8 months.

You will see the best view if you go there a day after it rained and July to September will be the most suitable month to visit this beautiful place with your family, friends, and spouse.

Brihaspati Kund pictures
When we visited this place again in October, the water flow was very less compared to how it was in July and August when the Brihaspati Kund waterfall was in full flow. Baghien river, which is the source of this waterfall, kind of dries up due to no or very less rain
Brihaspati Kund Images
You can see this huge water flow which will be at its peak in the monsoon season (July and August).

A lot of people go to this place for trekking and camping. Families go together to have a picnic day, they bring food and snack and dine together around nature while having the best time of their life

Brihaspati kund

How to reach Brihaspati kund waterfall, Panna

Nearest Airport

Lucknow and Allahabad are the nearest airports to the Brahaspati Kund waterfall. Lucknow Airport is well connected to all of India and will be a suitable choice if you are planning to visit the place from other states. You can hire a car from the airport itself or from outside

Brahaspati Kund’s distance from Lucknow is 265 km and from Allahabad (Prayagraj) is 207 km

Nearest railway station

Banda, Atarra, and Karwi (Chitrakoot) are the nearest railway stations. The distance from Banda to Brahaspati kund is 85 km via Naraini and kalinjar. The travel distance from Atarra is 64 km and karwi (Chitrakoot) is 75 km. The best way to get there is by car or bike. You can use your own car or rent one, you will have a road trip which will last with you for your whole life.

The distance of Brihaspati kund from Satna is 68km and the distance from Panna is 37 km you can use google map to find the easiest way from your place, I have created a descriptive map for your convenience

Brihaspati kund distance from Khajuraho is 81 km

The easiest way to reach Brahaspati Kund from Khajuraho is by personal/rented Car, it will take around 2 hours, it is 81 km from Khajuraho via Panna valley.

Faq on Brihaspati kund

  1. What is the distance of Brihaspati kund from satna

    Brihaspati Kund distance from Satna is 68km, Satna to Panna distance is 75.4 km via NH39 and it takes around 2 hours

  2. What is the source of Brihaspati kund

    baghain river

    The water source for the Brahaspati Kund waterfall is the Baghien river

  3. what is the Height of Brihaspati Kund


    Height of brihaspati kund is around 400 feet

  4. What is the distance of Brihaspati kund from Panna

    It is 37 km from Panna

  5. What is the best time to go to Brihaspati kund


    July to October is the best time to go to Brihaspati kund.
    Brihaspati look best in Rainy season

  6. Why is Brihaspati kund so famous

    Brihaspati Kund

    Brihaspati kund, also known as Niagara Falls of Bundelkhand is a magnificent waterfall. Its beauty will hypnotize you. It became famous when people posted its pictures and videos on social media in the summer of 2020. Everyone got to know about this hidden gem of Bundelkhand.

Things to know before planning a trip to Brihaspati kund waterfall, Panna

  • Bring food and water with you, as you will not find any places nearby where you can get food, there are few places to eat (Dhaba’s ) within a 3-4 km distance. you can also bring cooking utensils if planning to cook there, it could be fun
  • Wear comfortable shoes which have a good grip as you will have to trek to the bottom of the waterfall and the route is rocky and a bit slippery due to rain, wearing sandals/slippers is not recommended.
  • Be careful while taking videos and photos while trekking down and on the edges, as I have seen a lot of people doing that which is very risky, do not risk your life for a few good clicks.

The natural and cultural background of Brihaspati kund waterfall you must know about

This Area around Brahaspati Kund in Panna is part of the Vindhya mountain range which extends from Gujrat to Uttar Pradesh. Brihaspati kund waterfall’s height is 400 feet (approx) and width is 200 feet (approx)

Brihaspati kund waterfall Panna

The source of the waterfall in Brihaspati kund is the Baghien river which has its origin in the hills of Panna, enters Uttar Pradesh in the Banda district, and runs alongside Paisuni (Also known as Mandakini in Chitrakoot) for a distance before it meets with the Yamuna river, it separates banda district from Chitrakoot.

This place was discovered by Shri K.F Jadia in 1962 is one of 7 kunds in the course of river Baghein, other 6 are Suraj Kund, Gufa Kund, Shukha Kund, Hatyara Kund, Vedha Kund, and Patalia Kund.

Indian rock painting references found in Brihaspati kund waterfall, Panna

When I visited the place, I came across multiple ancient rock paintings on the ceiling of the rock shelter on the right side of the waterfall and on the walls of an old temple nearby, these paintings were about agriculture, hunting, animals, and tribal civilization.

You can see clear evidence of bows and arrows being used as hunting tools used by tribes who used to live there. These wall paintings are our heritage as this kind of painting has been found all around our country and clearly shows that we have not explored them properly

My Journey to Brihaspati kund waterfall in Panna

I had been hearing a lot about this place and had a great curiosity to see and experience this place as I had seen multiple videos and photos on social media. I wanted to write a blog post about this great place so I had to visit this place again (earlier I had visited it back in July).

We started from Banda in my car with a couple of our friends, we took the route via Naraini and kalinjar. I loved the drive through the valley, pleasant weather, curvey smooth roads with green long trees on its sides overlooking the multiple hundred feet deep valley, and the great music we had got in our car, it made our road trip memorable. We took a tea break in Pahari Khera and After a one and a half-hour of drive, we were in front of Brihaspati Kund, we were thrilled to experience this beauty

Once I got the view of Brihaspati Kund waterfall, I took out my phone to capture its beautiful images which I wanted to use in my blog. Watching the water falling from 400-500 feet height and crashing into rocks with a loud noise, creating a drizzle of water that looked like smoke from a distance. in short, I was just standing still for a few minutes, just watching this waterfall with amazed eyes

Brihaspati kund waterfall Panna

We could wait any longer and took out clothes and jumped inside, water was very cold, we just stayed inside the water for a long time, took some images, and played with water. We felt like staying inside of water forever but due to time constraints, we had to end these lazy fun moments. We changed clothes, dried up, and took out the food we brought, and had our lunch, it was a great experience overall.

I have seen people who brought food and enjoyed it with family, friends, and loved ones, having a great picnic in this great environment, this memory will stay with them for life. I recommend everyone to visit this place at least once and encourage more and more people to visit here and make these beautiful places in Bundelkhand popular

I have made a collage out of photos i had taken at Brihaspati kund, i am uploading it so you can see all of this great tourist spot at one glance

Final words

There is no doubt that Bundelkhand is filled with beautiful places like this but it is not popular among people mostly because the local government is not putting enough focus and effort to develop these places to attract tourists from outside. Thanks to people who took efforts to explore these places and put images and videos on different social media platforms, which had gone viral, and now more and more people are visiting these places

I request the local Government and leaders to help build and develop Brihaspati kund as a tourist spot which will be great for Bundelkhand and will create some kind of Employment opportunities for the local population who are struggling to even make a living. This place does have the potential to become a great tourist attraction for everyone and it can attract foreign visitors also who come to Khajuraho

If you like this post, please provide your feedback and suggestions in the comments. Also share it in social media so this beautiful place in Bundelkhand will come in sight of more people from in and out of our country and we get more and more visitors here.

Also, you can share your story and experience of Brihaspati Kund in the comment section

Places to Visit Near Brihaspati kund waterfall

Panna -37 km from Brihaspati kund

Panna is popular for its abundance of diamonds (the world’s most expensive gem). This place is full of natural beauty and beautiful places that you can explore after visiting Brihaspati kund. Below are the most popular places in Panna

  • Take a tour of Diamond mines in Panna and see the process of diamond exploration and talk to the experts who will answer all the questions you might have about diamonds and its exploration
  • Pandava Falls and caves, the place where the Pandavas sought haven during their exile (According to Mythology )
  • Panna National Park is located at the bank of river Ken in Panna. This is famous for tigers
  • Raneh Falls  and Crocodile sanctuary

Kalinjar Fort – 29 km from Brihaspati kund

This Famous fort in Bundelkhand was built by Chandela who ruled Bundelkhand from 800-900 AD. This is a great example of great Architecture which is similar to temples in Khajuraho and Rahila Sagar Sun Temple Mahoba . There are a lot of temples inside the fort which are worth your visit

  •  The unique temple of  Neelkanth Mahadev, according to mythology, Lord Shiva drank the poison which came out of the sea.
  • Budha-Buddi Tal
  • Sita SEZ, Patal Ganga and Pandava Kund
  • Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb and Humayun’s cantonment

Shabri waterfall- 53 km from Brihaspati kund

Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot Dham, u.p is one of the most beautiful places in Bundelkhand . The landscape is filled with water running over rocks, falling down from height with the loud noise of water hitting rocks, its view will hypnotize you with its indescribable beauty.

शबरी जलप्रपात (शबरी झरना)

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Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot- a beautiful place near Markundi, in Bundelkhand you must visit 1 time at least

Brihaspati Kund waterfall distance from Lucknow is 265 km and from Kanpur is 216.4 km via NH19
Brihaspati Kund waterfall distance from Banda is 85 km and the distance from Atarra is 64 km
Brihaspati Kund waterfall distance from Allahabad (Prayagraj) is 207 km, Chitrakoot to Allahabad distance is 131.3 km via NH35
Brihaspati Kund distance from Satna is 68km, Satna to Panna distance is 75.4 km via NH39 and it takes around 2 hours
Brihaspati Kund distance from Chitrakoot is 75 km


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