Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot- a beautiful place near Markundi, in Bundelkhand you must visit once

Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot Dham, u.p is one of the most beautiful places in Bundelkhand. Shabri waterfall landscape is filled with water running over rocks, falling down from height with the loud noise of water hitting rocks, its view will hypnotize you with its indescribable beauty.

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Shabri Waterfall Near Chitrakoot Dham Karwi

In Shabri waterfall (Shabri Jal Prapat), 3 water bodies are falling down from 40 feet parallelly followed by 60 feet wide water bed (pool) and one more waterfall which is going further into a bigger water body that disappears in the forest. A complete view will hypnotize you with its unique beauty.

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Photo of Shabri waterfall (Shabri JalPrapat) taken from a distance to capture the complete outlook of the place
This image of Shabri Jal Prapat shows for 3 water streams are followed by a pool and then 2 streams going down further

Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot is in the middle of the forest of Manikpur (Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary) near to the famous Markundi village (10 km). The Source of water is Triveni Nala which is connected with the Sarbhang ashram.

Shabri Jal Prapat along with Brahaspati Kund became most popular during the Lockdown of Covid-19 thanks to social media. Both the Places are near to Chitrakoot Dham which is a beautiful and spiritual place to visit

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Shabri waterfall (Shabri JalPrapat) comes under Chitrakoot District, u.p located in Dudaila village (Near Bambia and Tikariya village panchayat).
It is 10 km from Markundi, 13 km from Majhgawa (m.p), 32 km from Manikpur and 47 km from Chitrakoot Dham

Best time to visit Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot

The rainy season is best to visit Shabri waterfall as water flow will be more during the Monsoon season. July to September are the best months although you can visit till December. During the winter season, water will be very less and you will not get the best view.

How to reach Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot

The distance of the Shabri waterfall from Banda is 108 km via Atarra, Chitrakoot, and Pindra(towards Satna). On our journey to the waterfall, we started from banda and reached Chitrakoot and we took the Chitrakoot-Satna road for 36 km and reached Pindra then we took the next left and went 10 km further, we saw a board for the waterfall and went 2 more km where we found this beautiful place

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How to reach Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot

Nearest railway station to Shabri waterfall

Manikpur and karwi are the nearest railway station, distance from Manikpur to Shabri Jal prapat is 32 km it takes 45 minutes while traveling by car via markundi village.

If you planning to visit Brahaspati Kund and Sabri waterfall on the same day, you can do that as the distance between these 2 places is 53 km as you can in the below map

The distance from Satna is 55 km and it takes around 1 hour 10 min via Kothi and Majhgawa. From karwi, it is 40 km via Pindra

Things you can do at Sabri Waterfall

  • Take a bath in the pool or under the waterfall, both will be a fun experience for you, just be cautious as rocks are very slippery due to green water fungus so move slowly inside the water and with cautions, do not go near the edges
  • Outdoor cooking and dining is a trend at this place as there is so much space available for it, you can bring cooking utensils with you and have a great time cooking and eating under nature.
  • If you love photography and got a DSLR camera( camera phones can do the job as well), this place will be a treat to you, it’s a great landscape, click superb photos and show off your skill in social media

History of the Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot, Bundelkhand

It’s said (According to mythology ) that Lord Ram took bath in this place after eating plums from Shabri Maiya and this place is named after Shabri Maiya (Ramayana references)

DM Dr. Jagannath Singh (District magistrate at that time) had named this place on 31 July 1998 after researching it. This area used to be a hiding place for dacoits and had kept this place away from people, thanks to local administration who are focusing on betterment and security in the area which have encouraged more and more people to visit this place

Selfie points at Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot

Shabri Waterfall is filled with great selfie spots overlooking the complete landscape. If you love taking those creative selfies for your Instagram and Facebook then you will love that.

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Read it in Hindi (शबरी जल प्रपात हिंदी में पढ़ें)

Experience of visiting Shabri waterfall, Chitrakoot, Bundelkhand

When we planned this trip, we did not have much idea about the place and did not have many details about place, one of my friends had told me about this place and the way to this incredible place. we started from Banda in the morning (9 am), reached the Shabri waterfall after asking locals who guided us to this place(we did not find the location on google map).

Once we got to the place we saw a lot of cars standing there so we were sure that we got to the right place then we saw its mesmerizing beauty from the distance, our heartbeat got rapid with excitement, we rushed towards it, and the roar of waterfall got into our ears(a sweet sound), I took out my phone and started capturing it, lot of families were cooking there, some were dining there, we took some snaps and rushed to the water as we could not wait any longer.

Families cooking and eating together at Shabri Jal Prapat
Families cooking and eating together at Shabri waterfall

Bath under the Shabri waterfall and leisure time in pool

Once we got close to the water, we could not resist ourselves and jumped into the water, water pool floor was very slippery so we were moving slowly while enjoying every bit of it. Then we headed for rocks just below the waterfall. Took some snaps while playing with water. Sharing a few pics here so you get the idea about the stuff you get to do if you visit the place

A place to eat near Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot

Rishikesh veg Dhaba is the nearest place where you can grab a bite, it’s a quiet place in the middle of the highway. You can lie down as well to get rid of tiredness as lot of Cots are available. The food is fine. We are friends who ordered dal and roti and satisfied our hunger, I am sharing a few pics and google map location, you might find useful


There is no doubt that Bundelkhand has plenty of beautiful places like Shabri waterfall and Brahaspati Kund and many more, which a lot of people do not know about due to lack of awareness about these places. I have heard people talking about places in Kerala, northeast, and all, but no one seems to talk about our heritage in Bundelkhand. we need all of us to work in the direction to bring places like this to the limelight

Places like these have a huge potential if advertised properly, to become more then just a local attraction and can bring in tourists from all over India and foreigners too. This could provide employment to the locals who are struggling to make a living here. We will need some attention from the local government and leaders to help in developing these already beautiful places to become popular tourist destinations.

Read it in Hindi (शबरी जल प्रपात हिंदी में पढ़ें)

Areas to work on – To develop Shabri waterfall (Shabri JalPrapat) Chitrakoot as a tourist attraction

  • Connectivity could be improved by making a proper road that connects this place from the highway, that way it will be easily accessible. Also, some boards can be installed showing direction and distance to the waterfall.
  • Water in the pool is not clean as people throw bottles and stuff into the pool, water has a fishy smell and could cause skin irritation. The government could allocate some funds to get it clean, people who visit need to be instructed to keep the place clean
  • Local Government can advertise this place in state websites, and other places which will help bring it in the limelight. They can also help in setting up hotels and restaurants around this place
Appeal from readers

Please share this with everyone so they can also get aware of Shabri Jal Prapat and try to visit this beautiful place. Also, I encourage everyone to reach out to local leaders and appeal to them to help grow this place.

Please share this on social media and provide feedback and suggestions in comments, that will make my day.

Places to visit near Shabri waterfall Chitrakoot(Shabri Jal prapat)

DharKundi Ashram

Sri Paramhans Dharkundi Ashram is a beautiful spiritual place near Manikpur and Satna. Dharkundi Ashram is where nature meets spirituality, has surrounded by the Ranipur forest range (Also know as Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary). It is the place where people from all over the world arrive for a few days to escape from their busy lives to experience spirituality and peace via meditation under nature.
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Brihaspati Kund

400 feet high Brihaspati kund waterfall also Known as Niagara Falls of India is situated in  Pahari Khera village in Panna District (Madhya Pradesh). Brihaspati kund which is nearby to kalinjar is the most beautiful place in all Bundelkhand areas.It is 37 km in distance from Panna, 85 km from Banda, and 29 km away from the kalinjar fort.

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Kalinjar fort

Kalinjar fort has an undeniable place in Indian History. Many decisive battles were fought for the possession of this strategically located fort in ancient, medieval, and modern times, but the military aspect alone does not exhaust the importance of Kalinjar. The place is also a symbol of cultural and religious glory.

The impregnable fortress of Kalinjar fort, near the temple-city and World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, should be on the must-visit list of all history and art lovers around the world.

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The beautiful city of Khajuraho was established by Chandela kings who ruled central India from 800-1300. Chandela kings were known for their contribution towards beautiful architectural monuments and temples that are center of attraction among the tourist from all over the worlds.

Khajuraho is also famous for erotic rock carvings in the outer walls of temples that are highly inspired by Kamasutra, well renowned Indian book of sex. This suggests that people during those days were more open towards sex and it was not subjected to the taboo that it has become these days.

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Find direction to Shabri waterfall (Shabri JalPrapat) in google map

waterfall near chitrakoot dham karwi
Waterfall near Chitrakoot Dham Karwi, Waterfall in Bundelkhand, Shabri JalPrapat
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