Even death couldn’t keep them apart

My grandparents loved each other throughout their life. I grew up watching them together, walking side by side through all phases of life. All my childhood memories are around both of them, together.

They used to fight, and argue just like any other couple. But at the end of the day, they both needed each other by their side.

I remember when sometimes my grandpa was away from home for a few days, my grandma used to get restless.

It was the same with my grandpa. Sometimes he will fight with grandma. Grandma will get angry and go to her mother’s home. Grandpa would miss her every day.

He would tell us to call and ask to come back soon.

We will call grandma and ask her to come back soon as grandpa misses her.

She would say, he doesn’t miss me. He is happy that I am not there to disturb him.

The next day grandma would get back home, and suddenly grandpa’s face would light up. They will be up talking till late — like newlyweds.

They both never wanted to be apart, no matter what, and this is how I understood love.

Last year on 26th April, my grandfather had a heart attack, and he passed away. We kept this news from grandma for hours. But when she got to know about it, it broke her.

She couldn’t stop crying all day. She didn’t eat anything – not a single drop of water or food.

My grandma was having fainting spells followed by unstoppable crying. She had lost self-awareness.

After one day, on the morning of 28th April, she passed away.

The doctor said that cause of the death was a heart condition called broken heart syndrome (Stress cardiomyopathy). Grandma couldn’t bear the extreme emotional pain of losing her husband. It took her life.

They loved each other and stayed together their lifetime, and now they are together somewhere among the stars. They are lucky that they didn’t have to live a single day without each other.

I never believed that a broken heart could kill a person until I witnessed it myself.

This is a small tribute to my grandparents whom I lost last year. May they rest in peace.

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