Deep Dhaba restaurant banda – a legacy

Deep Dhaba is a very popular North Indian restaurant/Dhaba in banda. It is situated on the banda-Allahabad highway, just 3 km outside the city. Deep Dhaba was established in 2000 by Sitaram Singh and rose to popularity with its great food at a very reasonable price. It is one of the best Hangout and dining places in the evening at banda. It is popular among the youth in the city.

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Deep Dhaba in Banda is not just a place to have great food and hang out with friends, It is also the place where great memories are born. It’s the place people remember when they feel nostalgic. Deep Dhaba is a place where great stories are built and told. We all from banda have this place as part of our favorite stories as most of them took place here.

The specialty of Deep Dhaba

  • They have maintained the same taste over 20 year period which is a rare thing.
  • They charge a very less price, two guys can eat properly in just 200 rs.
  • This place is always filled with people and that sets the tone in the evening.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining available. they provide Cots so you can enjoy your dinner village style.
  • Great hangout place for friends in the evening.
  • Suitable for big birthday parties and reunions as they have a lot of space available.
  • Fast service.
deep dhaba banda

My story of Deep Dhaba

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about Deep Dhaba and its legacy, its story, and everything about it which make it a great hangout place in banda. The first memory I have about this place when my friends used to talk about this place in school. I was a studious guy who never went out and my first time at deep Dhaba came much later in my life when I visited home on Diwali 2016. I fell in love with this place on the first evening I spent here.

Friends reunion at Deep Dhaba

In August 2020 I came home during Covid Pandemic. I got to know that most of my school friends are at home, I and my friend called everyone and arranged a reunion at our favorite place, you guessed it right, at Deep Dhaba. at 7 pm, we were 12 guys standing at Deep Dhaba. We all know that no reunion goes without booze so we also sent out few guys to grab booze. we all went to the backside at one old building and started pouring into glasses.

After we some trenched our alcohol thirst, we took our places and started ordering food. we ordered egg curry, kadhai paneer, Baigan ka bharta, and Daal( i love Dal fry at Dhaba). we enjoyed the great food in the beautiful environment among childhood buddies. we all were meeting after a very long time, we kept talking till midnight as time was just flying by. We took some memorable photos to capture the moment. I have not seen those pics again but that time we spent at Deep Dhaba is imprinted in my mind forever.

Deep Dhaba location and nearby places

There are a lot of popular places are nearby this dhaba. kcnit engineering college and banda medical college is just 1 km from here. Nawab tank is just 500 meters from this place. Banda’s famous Mahabeeran hanuman temple is just 1 km from this place. we also have one highway Dhaba and Mani restaurant in walking distance

This place is crowded all the time, people coming from outside take a stop here to enjoy the great food that is available here. one day when I was having dinner there, I met few people who came from Sagar and they were going to Chitrakoot. They made an intentional stop at Deep dhaba as they have heard so much about it. I was glad and proud as people recognize this Legendary Dhaba of Bundelkhand.

All the readers are welcome to share their stories and moments about this place in the comment section. It’s good to share stories with others.

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