Nawab Tank Banda- best place for hangout in the city

Nawab Tank in banda is a beautiful water lake along with a park (Also a historical monument ) located just 3 km outside the center of the heart of Banda City which is the Tap Sthalee of rishi Bamdev. Nawab Tank is the center of attraction in banda for its beauty and its historical importance.

Nawab tank lake is very big, you can see white swans in the water. There is a restaurant on the side of the Lake where you can eat. There is a beautiful garden in front of the nawab tank where people from all over the place come with family to spend quality time on Sunday.

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History of Nawab tank banda

Nawab tank Banda was built by the Nawab of Banda hence it got the name nawab tank. This Water tank was initially built to fulfill the water need of the city. In the middle of the water tank, there is a platform for Nawab’s throne from where he used to enjoy the view of the whole Kajri Fair with his wives. Now This beautiful historical monument (Nawab tank) is a tourist spot and the best hangout place for everyone in the city

According to the locals, Queen of Banda who lived in Buragarh used to visit here via a secret tunnel with her friends to take a bath. That tunnel used to connect the Nawab tank from inside of Buragarh Fort. When I asked if that tunnel is still present, they told me that the tunnel was destroyed for security reasons and both the open ends were sealed and have hidden the tunnel, now no one knows its blueprint.

Nawab tank as a best hangout place in Banda

A lot of people from the city and outside come here in the evening to hang out with friends and family. View of Nawab tank in the late evening will mesmerize you, it got great lighting and ambiance which you can enjoy sitting in the side of the water tank. View of this place in the evening just before sunset will take your breath away with its beauty.

At dawn when the sun is setting down and golden light is falling directly into the water, it creates a unique view that will hypnotize you. I have captured the moment on my camera which you can see here

Sitting near the nawab tank alone, listening to some great music while looking at the water, and watching the ducks swimming can be a very peaceful experience, this is one of few places in the city banda where you can feel this kind of ambiance.


Spending time with friends at this place while making conversation about life and other things can be a great experience as well. School and college boys and girls can be seen in groups can here. There is a canteen nearby from where you can buy tea and snack and treat yourself.

This place is a couple hangout also, you can spot multiple couples in the evening who come here to spend some quality time together. few of my friends have fond memories of this place with their lovers. Although this place is not safe for couples at the night, and it is highly advised to couples by local police to stay away from this place after sunset.

Places near to nawab tank

There are many places in the vicinity of the Nawab tank where you can spend time also. There is a Nawab tank park, oxygen park, Flora Nursery, and Mahabeeran Hanuman Temple. There are few places where you can have dinner after an evening in a Nawab tank. The Famous Deep Dhaba is just 1 km from this place and Mani restaurant is just 500 meters. One more great evening hangout place, Agarwal ice cream parlor and Maggi point is just 100 meters from here

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Oxygen Park near Nawab tank banda

Van Chetna Kendra (Van Vihar) in front of Nawab Tank

van vihar banda
van vihar nawab tank

Photoshoot in Nawab talk and nearby places

In recent times, this place became a hot spot among boys and girls for photoshoots. People from the city and from nearby towns come here to get some great photos as the ambiance of the Nawab tank and natural beauty compliments the photos. This is a good place for photography enthusiasts and you can spot a lot of people with DSLR camera, busy in taking the perfect landscape photos

This place is best for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoot among youth. This is a new culture in Banda city which became popular in the recent past, a lot of people want to get a proper photoshoot before the wedding. Boys and girls like to click the best photos of themselves for their social media pages and this place servers them good by being a perfect spot for that

My personal experience of Nawab tank

Being born and brought up in Banda, I have some great memories of this place. I used to hang out here with my friends, talking till late at night and sometimes doing mischievous stuff also as normal kids do. I have visited this place after a long time and just one glimpse of it brought back all my memories of this place in form of flashbacks.

Final Thoughts

I noticed that this place is being ignored by people and local authorities felt, it compelled me to write about this place and spread the awareness. It is not only the government’s and municipality’s responsibility to keep this place clean, we as the public have to take responsibility. I have seen some college students from nearby colleges doing some unwanted things like having drugs and alcohol in the vicinity. It does spoil the ambiance of this place and it’s ruining the name and historical background of the Nawab tank.

Banda Municipality should put some extra effort to improve its condition in collaboration with locals. water needs to be clean at a bigger scale as the water got polluted over time and also the park in front of the nawab tank demands good care. I have heard that local government are pushing to develop Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel oxygen park as a tourist place and it will encourage tourist from all around to visit this historical place

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