10 best restaurants in Banda, as picked by the city’s top foodies

Banda has seen a rising trend with creative restaurants in recent years. Before I get into the handpicked list of the 10 best restaurants in Banda, I want to assure readers that I have visited all these restaurants and have even had meals there.

If I go a few years back, there were just a few handfuls of restaurants in Banda. All of them were the same boring ones. But now it’s not the case as now we have so many great restaurants to pick from. People can be really picky with their choices of places to eat based on the occasion.

Let me get to the list without further ado.

1. Green Sky Rooftop Lounge

Green Sky roof top- restaurants in Banda

This is an open rooftop restaurant, the first rooftop restaurant in the city. Do you want to take your wife/girlfriend on a romantic evening date but struggling to find a perfect restaurant in Banda? Then Green Sky Rooftop Lounge can be your best bet.

Food is good, so is the ambiance around the place. Breezy atmosphere, nice lighting, and music make your time there perfect. You can get any kind of food in the green sky. Italian, Chinese, tandoori, mocktail drinks, and a wide range of desserts.

The polite staff tries hard to make your evening comfortable. This place is suitable for everyone. Family. Friends. Couples. The place is perfect for valentine’s day, birthday, and date.

These are qualities that put this place in the first place on my list of 10 best restaurants in Banda

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2. D’vine momo cafe

When it comes to momos, nothing beats the delicacy of D’vine momo cafe, a popular Chinese restaurant in Banda. This is a place where you can get all types of exotic momo that taste so good that you will always leave the place craving for more. It’s not the place for just momos, you can also try other Chinese cuisines along with their popular mocktails.

Taste is what makes this restaurant top-notch. They have mastered this trait of being a great food joint. They get very creative with food, especially when it comes to momos. They have a great range on their menu. Steamed, fried, tandoori momos along with some customized momos options like sizzling momos are there. You can also enjoy sizzling mocktails and yummy desserts here.

Prices are affordable and totally food quality compliments the prices. The staff is polite and looks professional. The restaurant looks great. I love how they have decorated the place with wallpapers, delicate-looking lamps, customized chairs. Also, the music they play gives you a feel of a high-class place. They even provide outdoor sitting which I always prefer. This place is pretty hygienic as well.

These are qualities that put this place in the Second place on my list of 10 best restaurants in Banda

dvine cafe banda
D’vine momo cafe- best restaurants in Banda

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3. The Central Jail Restaurant

The central jail – best restaurants in Banda

This restaurant has been in limelight due to its theme set around Jail. People have been gushing over it on social media. The place looks dashing.

You will have a wide range of options in appetizers, meals, Chinese dishes, and dessert you can explore here. The food is good. Prices are moderate and ideal for the city. You can have the dinner for 2 people for just RS 400-600. Pricing is well justified by the kind of service and food they provide.

The place is ideal for family gatherings and celebrations. You can take some Instaworthy pictures to show off your friends.

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4. Sarang Hotel

The place is having a great reputation in the city. One might expect the prices to be high but it’s not true. Sarang provides the best quality food at very normal prices. When it comes to food quality, it is 1 of the top restaurant. I haven’t tried pizza there but I heard it’s the best in the city. Its located in backhand Naka, a very accessible location.

If You only care about food quality then you must visit this place. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant. The staff is well behaved. The best thing about it that I love is it’s very quiet. It’s never too crowded, You can enjoy the delicious food without too much noise. It’s perfect for business lunch/dinner.

5. Sai Darbar Restaurant

Sai Darbar Restaurant Banda
Sai darbar – 10 best restaurants in Banda

When it comes to great food in Banda, Sai Darbar restaurant comes to mind as one of the best dining places in town. This place is not only about great food, it also comes to the top when talking about ambiance, quality of service, and hospitality.

Loved the food, it was delicious and looked good. We took multiple pics as the food looked too good. I loved the pizza here, the pizza I ate here is the best pizza I have ever eaten in Banda. I loved the coffee also, they had prepared it just the way I asked.

The thing I loved most is their fast service. They had given me my coffee within 2-3 minutes and I had to wait 10-15 minutes for the same coffee in the other restaurants. The place is suitable for small and big parties. The place is huge with a hut style of decor.

They just lack personal hygiene that they need to put priority on along with some focus on customer hospitality from the owners/managers. If they improve these, they could be the best in the city.

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6. Red Zone restaurant

online food delivery in banda

The Red Zone restaurant is situated on Tindwari road, just at the edge of the city. This place is popular for its food. I have been told by my friends to try it out and it got me to Red Zone restaurant.

This place has got a good look and it is built of the bamboo tree all around. It got great lighting and it adds up to its being a great place to eat out in the evening. It has got indoor and outdoor sitting. You can take the table wherever you want.

They provide party space and private space, specially designed for couples to spend some quality time without having to worry about the public.

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7. The Green valley restaurant

the green valley banda

The Green Valley is a famous vegetarian restaurant in banda that is very popular among youth and families in Banda and nearby towns. People come to green valley for parties, romantic dates, and celebrations. It was started in October 2019 and rose to popularity in very little time, thanks to its prime location, great look & ambiance, and great hospitality by staff and owners (Shushant Gupta) which has attracted everyone. They make you feel at home.

This place is very popular among youth, especially new couples. The place looks gorgeous with a bamboo tree hut theme. Green valley is also available for engagement and receptions.

Food quality is a concern there, it’s not up to the mark. If they improve it, they can go much higher in ranking.

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8. Deep Dhaba

The picture was taken during our school reunion.

While talking about eating places in Banda, how can anyone miss Deep Dhaba? It’s the place people remember when they feel nostalgic. Deep Dhaba is a place where great stories are built and told. We all from banda have this place as part of our favorite stories as most of them took place here.

Deep Dhaba in Banda is not just a place to have great food and hang out with friends, It is also the place where great memories are born.

The specialty of Deep Dhaba

  • They have maintained the same taste over 20 year period which is a rare thing.
  • They charge a very less price, two guys can eat properly in just 200 rs.
  • This place is always filled with people and that sets the tone in the evening.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining available. they provide Cots so you can enjoy your dinner village style.
  • Great hangout place for friends in the evening.
  • Suitable for big birthday parties and reunions as they have a lot of space available.
  • Fast service.

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We are still reviewing other restaurants to complete our list. we will be editing the list as we get reviews in.


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