Sai Darbar Restaurant Banda – Place with delicious food and great ambiance

When it comes to great food in Banda, Sai Darbar restaurant comes to mind as one of the best dining places in town. This place is not only about great food, it also comes to the top when talking about ambiance, quality of service, and hospitality.

We have visited Sai Darbar restaurant in banda so we can get the overall feel of it and provide you a complete review. keep reading to know about all aspects of the restaurant before having a dine here with friends and family.

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Sai Darbar banda’s contact details are 7007167830, 8874978791.

Call Sai darbar for food home delivery, you can order online using Zommoto and swigy app

Things I loved about Sai Darbar Restaurant

Food – taste and look

Loved the food, it was delicious and looked good. We took multiple pics as the food looked too good. I loved the pizza here, the pizza I ate here is the best pizza I have ever eaten in Banda. I loved the coffee also, they had prepared it just the way I asked.

10 best restaurants in Banda, as picked by the city’s top foodies
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The thing I loved most is their fast service. They had given me my coffee within 2-3 minutes where I had to wait 10-15 minutes for the same coffee in the other restaurants.

They served our order very fast, we did not have to wait longer for our bulk order. From arriving to the place to the final check/bill payment, all went smoothly

10 best restaurants in Banda, as picked by the city’s top foodies

Deep Dhaba restaurant banda

Ambiance and atmosphere

Great ambiance in the evening and also throughout the day. Got some great soothing lighting all around the restaurant and light music playing in the background adds to its great atmosphere.

Delicious food at a great price- Sai darbar Menu

Here is the overlook of the menu for Sai Darbar Banda with the price range


Different types of pizza and pasta, my fav is chilli paneer pizza


Different type of noodles, momos and schezwan cuisines


Differnets soups, ice cream, papad, ice cream etc


Veg/Cheese/Paneer sandwich, Veg/Cheese/special burger, Pav bhaji, chola bhatura etc


North Indian, tandoori and continental

Tandoori food items

tandoori aloo, paneer tikka, mashroom tikka, paneer kastoori tikka etc

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Things I did not like and Sai Darbar should improve

hygiene – They need to have better hygiene in the restaurant. When I asked for a menu, they provide a menu card that was not clean and it sucks to go to a place like this and have to worry about hygiene. I had to ask them to clean the menu, even after asking they did not clean it properly

They did not have hand sanitizers in place, staff did not wear any kind of mask which is a must-have thing during this covid-19 pandemic.

One more thing I want to highlight here is the hospitality, they could work on it. That will surely increase the customer count for the place. It feels nice for the customer if someone welcomes them when they enter the restaurant with their friends and family, it gives the customers a sense of belonging and they tend to visit again and again

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Sai Darbar restaurant as a place to have a great time with friends and family

When family and friends go out to eat in Banda, they do not go out just for food, they go out for the great experiences. So providing customers with good food along with great ambiance and atmosphere where they can relax and enjoy the evening with their loved ones.

Sai Darbar owner had put focus on providing a great experience, let it be good food, great service, and splendid environment inside the restaurant. They have got the place nicely decorated with colored lighting and delicate-looking props.

Birthday celebration and couple hangout place

This place is great for newlyweds and unmarried couples to have a romantic date. They provide you with privacy so you can have a good time without being bothered about who is looking

sai darbar

Sai Darbar restaurant Banda Phone no./ contact no.

7007167830, 8874978791

Locate the Sai darba restaurant in google map and address

Sai darbar restaurant banda address: it is located at swaraj colony, civil lines banda. Just beside the district hospital, opposite to GIC ground, banda

Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. Is Sai Darbar a pure vegetarian restaurant?

    Yes , Sai Darbar restaurant is pure veg

  2. Does Sai Darbar take online orders and give take-out?

    Yes, you can order online and also get take-out. You can use zomoto and swigy app to order online food from here

  3. Is Sai Darbar provide booking for wedding and reception and engagement functions

    Yes, you can book this place for small events

  4. Is this place is couple friendly

    Yes, this place is perfectly suited for couples

Final words

I have loved this place and recommend everyone to visit and give a try to this marvelous place.

You can give your own feedback and rating and also share your story in review section below. your real time rating will reflect as over all rating for the place so please make your review count. Also share it with everyone

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