20 best places to see near Banda- Famous tourist places near Banda

There are some famous and beautiful places to see near Banda that are worth your visit. Tourist attractions like beautiful waterfalls, historical forts, ancient temples, spiritual ashrams, and natural forests. All these tourist destinations near the city of Bamdev Rishi, banda are just 100-150 km from the heart of Banda city.

If you are looking to spend some time with friends and family near Banda then you must read it till the end as I am going to talk about some gorgeous places near Banda that are perfect for your next family vacation.

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List of tourist destinations near to Banda – Famous places to see near by Banda

Chitrakoot Dham

Chitrakoot Dham situated on the banks of the Payaswani River is a very beautiful natural and spiritual place to see near banda where Lord Ramachandra of Hindus spent 11 years during his exile. Capable of purifying the human heart and attracting tourists with the charm of nature, Chitrakoot Dham is situated on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Chitrakoot Dham, situated on the banks of Kamadgiri mountain, is the center of faith for the people of India and the people here consider it as the biggest pilgrimage. In Amavasya, there is a gathering of devotees of Chitrakoot Dham, here devotees come from far and wide to visit the temple of Kamtanath ji and circumambulate the Kamadgiri mountain. It is said that by circumambulating the Kamadgiri mountain here on the new moon day, whatever wishes you ask for are fulfilled

Chitrakoot Dham is just 75 Km from Banda city. There are many beautiful places to see in Chitrakoot that are a must-visit to all. The top few places to see in Chitrakoot are below.

  • Ram Ghat
  • Gupt Godavari Caves
  • Sati Anusuiya Temple and Ashram
  • Laxman Pahari
  • Hanuman Dhara
  • Kamadgiri Temple
  • Ram Darshan

Shabri waterfall

If you are a nature lover and fond of waterfalls then Shabri waterfall (Jal Prapat) near Banda is just the place for you to chill out. This place near Banda is just 57 Km from Chitrakoot Dham and 130 km from Banda. It is filled with lush greenery, expanded ground, water running over rocks for a wide distance, and then some beautiful view of water falling down from rocks creating a beautiful waterfall.

You can do so many fun things here, let it be a pleasant bath under the waterfall, water sports in the pool, having a picnic just on the side, or taking some great-looking pictures with beautiful landscape in the background. This place is best suited for having a potluck/ outside cooking with friends and family. So many tourists bring cooking essentials here and have a great day cooking, eating, and enjoying this beautiful natural atmosphere.

Shabri waterfall (places to see near Chitrakoot)

Shabri waterfall near Chitrakoot is in the middle of the forest of Manikpur (Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary) near to the famous Markundi village (10 km) . The rainy season is best to visit Shabri waterfall as water flow will be more during the Monsoon season. July to September are the best months although you can visit till December. Use the below map to locate the place

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Kalinjar Fort

If you are interested in Indian history and culture then Kalinjar fort near Banda (Just 68 km in distance) is the place for you. This marvelous fort is a reflection of great Indian historic and cultural identity and also this place has religious importance due to the famous Neelkanth temple where Lord shiva came after drinking the poison that came from Samudra Manthan.

Kalinjar Fort isn’t just a historic fort, it has developed as a place of natural beauty. You can enjoy some great landscape views from the top of it. If you are visiting here during the rainy season then this place will a treat to watch for as the view from the fort is one to die for. This is a perfect place to see near banda with your family

Travel to beautiful and historic Kalinjar Fort

Brihaspati Kund Waterfall – waterfall near Banda

Brihaspati Kund waterfall has to be on your list of places to see near Chitrakoot. This beautiful waterfall, also known as Niagara Falls of India is just 85 km from Banda and one of the most popular waterfalls near Banda. Brihaspati Kund in Panna is known for its natural beauty and magnificent waterfall which is 400-feet in height and approx 200-300 feet wide.

Reaching to the bottom of the Brashpati Kund waterfall is nothing less than an adventurous trek that is full of rocky roads and old age stairs which were made by cutting mighty mountain rocks. While walking down to the heart of Brihaspati Kund via rocky road, you can enjoy the beautiful visuals of the valley around which is spread throughout the area.

You will enjoy every moment of your trip to Brihaspati kund Panna, let it be the road trip in the valley, trekking via mountains, taking bath in the cold water under the waterfall, having a picnic there, or just sitting there while watching the water falling from great height making huge roar, it all give so much peace of mind. you can go to this place with family, friends, and loved one’s. This is a perfect place to see near banda during summer and rainy season

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Dharkundi Ashram – spiritual places to see near Banda

Dharkundi Ashram near Chitrakoot is a spiritual place where you go to calm your soul. This naturally beautiful place is for people who want some peace out of their daily busy stressful life. Shri Sachidanand Ji Maharaj did meditation for 11 years in Sati Anusuya Ashram in Chitrakoot and established this Dharkundi Ashram in 1956. With his spiritual power, he gave this natural place a meaningful form through this beautiful Ashram.

Everyone coming to Dharkundi Ashram is provided with good quality food without any cost. This food is prepared from the grain and vegetables produced in the field owned by Shri Sachidanand Ji Maharaj. This is a perfect place to see near banda if you are looking for some peace of mind in this busy life.

The distance from Chitrakoot to Dharkundi is just 57 km and from Banda is 140 km and you can reach there within 2.5 hours by car. This beautiful ashram is situated in the Vindhyachal mountain range and is blessed with marvelous forests and multiple waterfalls. This place is also good for a great picnic in the lap of nature. Read in detail about Dharkundi with the link below.

Sri Paramhans Dharkundi Ashram where you experience spirituality at its best

Khajuraho – Tourist places near Banda

When we talking about tourist attractions near Banda then we can not miss Khajuraho due to its great significance in Indian history and culture. Khajuraho is 110 Km away from Banda and there are few direct trains that will take you directly to Khajuraho in just 2 hours. This is must visit place near Banda city

The beautiful city of Khajuraho was established by Chandela kings who ruled central India from 800-1300. Chandela kings were known for their contribution towards beautiful architectural monuments and temples that are center of attraction among the tourist from all over the worlds. This place is filled with foreigners coming here to take a glimpse of some great art and architecture in Khajuraho.

Khajuraho is also famous for erotic rock carvings in the outer walls of temples that are highly inspired by Kamasutra, well renowned Indian book of sex. This suggests that people during those days were more open towards sex and it was not subjected to the taboo that it has become these days. There are a ton of beautiful temples, waterfalls, dams, museums are there that are a treat for art lovers.

places to visit in Khajuraho
places to see near Chitrakoot

Sun Temple Mahoba

Mahoba sun temple is a must-visit place near Khajuraho. The Majestic Rahila Sagar Sun Temple (Locally known as Rahiliya temple) has located 3 km from Mahoba in a southwest direction near Mirtala and Rahiliya village. In this temple, Chandela kings used to worship the sun. In those days the sun was considered as a source of energy, health, and positivity in life and Kings use to worship the sun so they will stay in power for a long time

Mahoba is just 55 km from Banda and you can reach here by bus and train, it will take only 1 hour. Mahoba has many more beautiful places to see around it. Use below links to read about them.

Places to see near Mahoba – tourist destinations near Mahoba

Indian heritage of sun temple mahoba


Kutni dam (Kutni Island resort) Khajuraho

Kutni dam island resort in Khajuraho also known as Kutni Island resort near Khajuraho is a sensational experience you must enjoy with your partner. This place is an ideal romantic destination for newlyweds because of the ambiance it provides. A long walk around this artificial island in the late evening followed by a night at the cottage where the balcony is facing the water can be very rejuvenating for a newly married couple.

This beautiful place near Banda is not just for newlyweds/ romantic couples, it is also a perfect destination for families and friends. You can visit here with your group of friends for a blast. You can come here with your kids and enjoy the boating experience around this island. 

Kutni dam Khajuraho
Beautiful sunset view from Kutni dam

You can enjoy boating, sightseeing, enjoy the beautiful sunset by the river, spend a night at a beautiful cottage. You will love a walk around this place at the night. This place is just 120 km from Banda and 17 km from Khajuraho. You can get a direct train from Banda (Evening 7 pm from banda)

places to see near Chitrakoot

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Panna national park -tourist destination near Banda

The wildlife sanctuary of Panna, Panna national park is India’s 22nd Tiger Reserve. Situated between Panna and Chatarpur Districts of M.P, this beautiful national park is very close to the Indian heritage site Khajuraho. A jungle safari in this Panna sanctuary is a wonderful experience where you travel in an open Jeep through the dense forest and beautiful canyons while witnessing wild animals getting through their normal day, doing their own things.

Panna national park is just 160 km from Chitrakoot, you can go to this place via Panna or Khajuraho. Panna national park is primarily famous for its tiger but it has also got around 8 varieties of exotic creatures such as leopard. The national park is not only a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, but it also possesses natural beauty. Beautiful gorges and captivating waterfalls are a visual feast. Boating on the Ken River adds to the enjoyment of your trip.

खजुराहो में घूमने/ देखने लायक स्थान

Raneh Falls Panna

Raneh Falls is another interesting tourist destination that you must see in Panna. it will soothe your heart. This waterfall, which is about 30 minutes from the temple town of Khajuraho, is best visited during the monsoon season to see a complete flash of flowing water. Raneh waterfall is a beautiful sight that is located only 21 km away from the Khajuraho bus stand towards Panna.

The magnificence of this location, however, is not limited to the waterfall; it also includes the rock formations. The granite landscape looks to be made up of a succession of crystal towers as if the rocks have been carefully carved from the top. The landscape, emerald rivers, and sandy granite rock walls are all so stunning that you won’t blink. A day trip to Raneh Falls will certainly attract nature lovers.

Pandava Falls and Pandava Caves

These caves were built by the Pandavas during their exile, which was later rebuilt by the kings of Panna as they are today. At a distance of 14 km from Panna and 34 km from Khajuraho, Pandava Falls is a serene waterfall located inside Panna National Park in the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. Situated on the Khajuraho – Panna highway, Pandava Falls is one of the scenic waterfalls in Panna and one of the top Khajuraho sightseeing placesPandav Falls is year-round waterfall shed by a tributary of the Ken River in Madhya Pradesh.

This waterfall falls from a height of about 30 meters into a heart-shaped pool. It is surrounded by lush green forests and is at its peak during the monsoon season. The serenity, purity, and mystical atmosphere of Pandav Falls attract locals, national and international tourists. Although you can visit this place any time of the year winters and monsoon is the best time because it is a bit difficult to come here in the summers. There are about 300 steps to go down, so you should plan this trip if you are physically fit for that

The distance of Pandav falls from Banda is 120 km

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

This nature reserve in Panna is another tourist hotspot that offers scenic sights of critically endangered animal species. This nature destination is adjoining the Panna National Park. the sanctuary is ideal for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts all around. It falls into the route of the beautiful Ken river, which flows northwards to meet the Holy Ganga river.

Bhuragarh fort Banda

The historic Bhuragarh Fort of Banda which is a symbol of love, sacrifice, patriotism, and sovereignty is situated on the bank of the Ken River banda. Buragarh fort has said to be built by Raja Guman Singh in the 17th Century. Brownstone was used to build this fort which gave it a reddish color. Bhuragarh fort is situated in Banda and it is just 2 km from the city.

Buragarh fort is the place from where you can get the best view of the Ken river. watching sunrise and sunset from the Buragarh Fort can be a memorable experience
This place is popular as a great hangout place among youth. Sitting in Buragarh fort overlooking the beautiful sunset on Ken river can mesmerize you. Boys and girls from the city and nearby villages come here to have a great evening experience.

This Fort has many stories associated with it. This Fort in Banda has been part of 1857’s Indian freedom struggle. This fort is also a symbol of love and Every year one fair is held at Bhuragarh fort on Makar Sankranti which is known as “Aashiqo ka Mela” among locals. Read more about this fort here – Bhuragarh fort Banda

Ganesh Bagh – places to see near Banda

Ganesh Bagh near Chitrakoot located at the distance of 11 km on the Karvi-Devangana Road, Uttar Pradesh, is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Chitrakoot.
It is a landmark of both scenic and historical value. The temple, castle, and ancient stepwell are the main attractions of this location. The distance of Banda from the Ganesh bagh is 85 km

Peshwa Vinayak Rao, a Maratha prince, built the palace that stands here in the 19th century. The Archaeological Survey of India looks after it, and its attractive proportions attract visitors. This structure is thought to have functioned as the royal family’s summer retreat at one time. Even though most of it is now in ruins, it gives you an idea of its grandeur at one time.

The temple devoted to Lord Shiva is another attraction here. The temple immediately reminds you of the Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh, with its finely carved domes and sensual sculptures on niches and pillars. As a result, it’s been dubbed “mini-Khajuraho.” The arched doorways and pillars contribute significantly to the temple’s overall beauty. A gigantic stepwell (known as baoli in the native tongue) is also part of the temple complex, which is a source of attraction in and of itself.

chitrakoot k pas ganesh bag
Ganesh Bag- tourist place near chitrakoot

Tourist Places to see near Banda

Prayagraj – Spiritual place to see near Banda

Prayagraj (130 km from Chitrakoot), a combination of history, religion, custom, spirituality, and architecture, attracts pilgrims and heritage enthusiasts. Tourists can enter a world of mythological and spiritual wonders when they visit the city. Prayagraj, located at the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati, hosts the world’s biggest assemblage of devotees, the Kumbh Mela, which offers a really unforgettable experience.

Prayagraj – Spiritual place to see near Chitrakoot

Prayagraj is an excellent destination to visit near Chitrakoot for those seeking a spiritual retreat. Tourists visiting Prayagraj will find much to do and see, providing them with experiences to last a lifetime. Prayagraj offers the visitors plenty of things that make for a truly unique experience in itself. Below are some most popular places you can visit in Prayagraj. Distance from banda to Prayagraj is 190 km

  • Khusro Bagh, which exquisitely depicts the Mughal Garden;
  • Triveni Ghat, which is a perfect place to find your spiritual side
  • Anand Bhawan, which is a paradise for history buffs
  • The Allahabad Museum, which is a perfect place to learn about history and add pages to one’s knowledge book
  • All Saints Cathedral, which is built in the Gothic Style
  • Allahabad Fort, which is a perfect place to learn about history and add pages to one’s knowledge
Tourist Places to see near Banda
places to see near Chitakoot
Prayagraj – Spiritual place to see near Chitrakoot
Tourist Places to see near Banda

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