Bhuragarh fort Banda- Rich history of banda

The historic Bhuragarh Fort of Banda which is a symbol of love, sacrifice, patriotism, and sovereignty is situated on the bank of the Ken River banda. Buragarh fort has said to be built by Raja Guman Singh in the 17th Century. Brownstone was used to build this fort which gave it a reddish color

Every year one fair is held at Bhuragarh fort on Makar Sankranti which is known as “Aashiqo ka Mela” among locals. There is a nut mahabali temple here which became a symbol of love among people. On the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, people do prayers in the temple after taking the bath in Ken River. It is said that if you pray for your love on this day at this temple, you certainly will find your love and your bond will get stronger with your lover

Bhuragarh fort as one of the best place to hangout in Banda

Buragarh fort is the place from where you can get the best view of the Ken river. watching sunrise and sunset from the Buragarh Fort can be a memorable experience
This place is popular as a great hangout place among youth. Sitting in Buragarh fort overlooking the beautiful sunset on Ken river can mesmerize you. Boys and girls from the city and nearby villages come here to have a great evening experience.

Bhuragarh fort is associated with everyone’s memory in one or another way. while doing research I spoke to a lot of people and everyone had a story about this place that was close to their heart. This place is a great tourist attraction also and people from nearby states come to see this historic fort.

Bhuragarh fort Banda video – Video blog of Bhuragarh fort

Bhuragarh fort Banda video

History of Bhuragarh fort 

Bhuragarh fort that was built by Raja Guman Singh in the 17 century also played a crucial role in the Indian freedom struggle against the British. A lot of people have sacrificed their lives while protecting their motherland. The historical importance of Bhuragarh Fort goes way back to bundle reign and its rulers, Hridya shah and Jagat Rai (Son of Maharaj Chattrasal). Kirat Singh (Son of Jagat Rai) Repaired the Bhuragarh fort in 1746 AD and appointed Arjunsingha as the caretaker of the fort.

Bhuragarh Fort Banda
Shaheed Smarak in Bhuragarh

Bundela Raja Chattrasal gifted Banda Jagir to Shamsher Bahadur, Son of Bajirao Peshwa, and Mastani as payback for supporting him in the battle against the Mughal force led by Muhammad Khan Bangash in 1728 AD. Shamsher Bahadur’s successor Ali Bahadur, too, became the Nawab of Banda and started looking after the Banda domain. Ali Bahadur fought a war against Arjun sight and after the death of Arjun Singh, he took over the control of Bhuragarh fort. Rajaram Dauwa and Laxman Dauwa won it again from the Nawabs.

The Nawab died in 1802 A.D., Gaurihar Maharaj took the administration after him. From May 1858 till the independence of India, the fort remained under British Rule. After Indian independence, Indian Tourism and Archeological authorities taken over this fort and drove it to brisk of destruction, and now this historic fort is in ruins due to ignorance of Local leaders and government

Role of Bhuragarh fort of Banda in the great Indian freedom struggle

The great Indian freedom struggle led by Nawab Ali Bahadur II started on 14th June 1857. It started at a small scale at first then it got stronger after revolutionaries from Allahabad(Also know as Prayagraj ), Kanpur and Bihar joined Nawab in the fight against Britishers. They killed the Joint magistrate of the British army on 15th June 1857 which enraged Englishmen and they sent Whitluck on April 16, 1858, to fight against the revolution revolutionary army of Banda and crush the revolution. Around 3000 revolutionaries were killed in the fort during this struggle.

People from all religious faith took part in the freedom struggle and lost their lives too. On 8th June 1859, many revolutionaries were arrested and sentenced to death and life imprisonment. Shri Rao Mahipat Singh of Sungara State with his 80 officers was hanged in this fort.

The great love story associated with Bhuragarh fort of Banda

Arjun Singh of Mahoba was the fortress of Bhuragarh Fort some 600 years ago. 21-year-old Nat Biran, a resident of Sarbai village of Madhya Pradesh used to work in the fort itself. The Nat community used to dance and dance at that time, Raja’s daughter fell in love with Biran while in the fort. Biran was an ascetic nut. When Arjun Singh came to know about the love of his daughter, he placed a condition in front of Biran.

The king said that if Biran climbed on a rope of raw thread and reached the fort from Mount Bambeshwar on the other side of the river, then he would be married to the princess. On the day of Makar Sankranti in 1850, the lover tied a rope from this cross of the river to the fort to fulfill the condition of the beloved’s father. Walking on a raw rope, he proceeded towards the fort of Nat, to encourage him, the people of the Nat fraternity were playing folk music with singing instruments.

Nat crossed the river walking on the rope and reached near the fort. Arjun Singh was watching this spectacle from the fort, his daughter was also seeing the courage of her lover. The young nut was about to reach the fort when the fortress Nonee Singh cut the rope. The nut fell to the rocks below and died there. The daughter of the fortress could not bear the shock of the lover’s death, she too jumped from the fort and gave her life. In memory of these two lovers, 2 temples were built in the same place where their last rites were performed.

Bhuragarh fort is in ruins due to ignorance from government and locals

Due to the cold eye of Indian Tourism and Archeological authorities, the fort reached the brink of destruction. The basement and lower floors vanished under dirt and garbage. However, with grace of Tourism Development Scheme 2005-06, about 1.6 Million rupees were issued to the authorities for fort. A park, boundary wall, Martyr Memorial etc. has been constructed with this money. But no work has been done for storing and restoring the architecture and design of historical importance.

It’s sad to see this beautiful fort turning into ruins. this place needs some work to repair its condition
This used to be a beautiful pond where people used to take baths. lack of care and ignorance from people and government had turned this place into a dump.

Things in the vicinity of Bhuragarh Fort

There is a shiv temple inside of the Bhuragarh fort which was established by local people.

Google map location of Bhuragarh Fort


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