Kutni Island (Kutni dam) resort in Khajuraho could be your perfect romantic getaway in 2022

Kutni dam island resort in Khajuraho also known as Kutni Island resort in Khajuraho is a sensational experience you must enjoy with your partner. This place is an ideal romantic destination for newlyweds because of the ambiance it provides. A long walk around this artificial island in the late evening followed by a night at the cottage where the balcony is facing the water can be very rejuvenating for a newly married couple.

This beautiful place is not just for newlyweds, it is also a perfect destination for families and friends. You can visit here with your group of friends for a blast.

You can come here with your kids and enjoy the boating experience around this island. You can get the full feel of this place in the below video.

Kutani Dam island resort was built in January 2019. This complete project was funded by the Swadesh darshan scheme of the ministry of tourism. This has added to one more jewel to Khajuraho which is already the most visited tourist attraction in Bundelkhand.

Kutni dam history and facts

The Kutni Dam, a 25 meter high Dam, located in Khajwa, Madhya Pradesh, India, is a multipurpose river canal project on the Kutni River. It is the largest dam in the district of Chhatarpur. The dam is located 7 kilometers from Rajnagar, 12 km from Khajuraho, and 40 km from Chhatarpur District. The dam is well-known for its beauty and size.

It serves as an irrigation and water supply system for the area’s villages, towns, and cities. A canal on the left bank of Bariarpur, collecting water from the Ken River, is being proposed to boost the supply of water available for irrigation. Kutni Island resort hotel is built just on the side and has gained great popularity recently 

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Enjoy boating at Kutni dam (Kutni island resort) Khajuraho

If you love to be on the water, you got to love boating in the Kutni river that surrounds this beautiful island. You have 2 kinds of boating available at this place, speed boating, and paddle boating. Currently, they are also planning to bring in Shikara boats soon.

The cost of speed boating is 150 rs per person with a total capacity of 4 people in 1 boat. This boating is available from 9 am to 7 pm in the evening. You can take a tour of the whole island in this.

The cost of paddle boating is 150 rs for 30 minutes with a total capacity of 4 people in 1 boat. This boating is available from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening. You can enjoy paddling the boat with your friends and family. This is best for couples to spend some time alone.

Enjoy the splendid view of the river at the sunset

Kutni dam Khajuraho
The fabulous sunset is seen from Kutni Dam Khajuraho

Watching the sunset at Kutni Dam island can be a very romantic experience for you and your partner. you can see the view in the above picture, this view is just breathtaking. If you love watching a beautiful sunset then you must stick around till evening.

A romantic night stays at Kutni island resort, Khajuraho

A night stay with your partner at this beautiful resort by the river is one to die for. You will love a long romantic walk holding hands with your partner after a delicious dinner at a restaurant.

The hotel room is great with each room has a dedicated balcony looking over the river. You can enjoy that view late at night after a lovemaking session with your partner.

This resort has 10 rooms in this heritage cottage, each will cost you mere 3700 rs which is nothing when you see the ambiance. These rooms are enough for 2 people, you can get an extra bed at 1000 rs extra if you have more than 2 people.

You can book the rooms in the Kutni dam island resort with MakeMyTrip by using this link.

Kutni island resort for a beautiful destination wedding

When more and more people opting for destination weddings, this beautiful island resort gets you the best out of a fabulous destination wedding experience. This resort can easily accommodate 200 people.

The atmosphere at this place will make the experience memorable for everyone. You will get some great pictures here to capture the moment. You can also book this place for small engagement/reception functions as well. Be aware to book this place well in advance as there is a huge waiting list for most subh muhurats .

How to reach Kutni dam Khajuraho

Kutni Dam is just 12 km from Khajuraho. It’s best to use a personal car to get here, you can get auto and rental cars from anywhere in Khajuraho. You can reach Kutni Dam island resort Khajuraho by 3 ways.

By Air: The nearest airport is Khajuraho. You can take a flight to this place and then get a rental car to reach this beautiful resort.

By Bus: Nearest bus stand is Khajuraho. You can get a bus from anywhere, Khajuraho has got good connectivity from Panna, Chatarpur, Mahoba, and all other ways.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Khajuraho and Mahoba. You can get a rental auto from Khajuraho railway station

You can use the map below to navigate to Kutni Island resort (Kutni Dam) Khajuraho

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