D’vine momo cafe in Banda is heaven for momo’s lovers in the city

When it comes to momos, nothing beats the delicacy of D’vine momo cafe, a popular Chinese restaurant in Banda. This is a place where you can get all types of exotic momo that taste so good that you will always leave the place craving for more. It’s not the place for just momos, you can also try other Chinese cuisines along with their popular mocktails.

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dvine cafe banda

I am a hardcore foodie and momos are something I can’t ever say no to. This obsessive craving for momos has taken me to D’vine cafe and once I took the first bite of steam momos, I knew right there that I will keep coming back here again and again.

What makes this place so good? Read my complete review.

D’vine momo cafe menu

D’vine momo cafe, Banda — Complete review

When I review any restaurant, I take 5 factors into consideration.

  1. Taste — food quality
  2. Prices — Affoardbility and worth for money
  3. Customer service and hospitality
  4. Ambaince of the restraurant
  5. Hygine

Let me talk about all of these points one at a time

Taste and food quality

Taste is what makes this restaurant top-notch. They have mastered this trait of being a great food joint. It is not that any particular dish is good here, you can try any dish here, you will love them all.

They get very creative with food, especially when it comes to momos. They have a great range on their menu. Steamed, fried, tandoori momos along with some customized momos options like sizzling momos are there. They also have a wide range of delicious mocktails that they advertise.

You can great good quality noodles and also yummilicious desserts. My rating for food is 4.5 out of 5 easily (Keeping prices in mind)

Prices are justified

I know you might say that you get momos at 30-40 RS per plate from street vendors. You cannot expect the same prices from a quality restaurant. And also momos quality at this place is better than street vendors. Prices are affordable and totally food quality compliments the prices.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 for prices also.

Customer service and hospitality

Normally they are very good at this. If you order food, they will serve you in 20-25 minutes, sometimes they take up to 40 minutes if it’s crowded. The staff is polite and looks professional.

One thing I do not like, and it happened to me 2 times. When you order something, they keep suggesting alternatives. I had ordered steamed momos as I love them but their waiters kept asking me if I want tandoori momos or fried momos. Customers don’t want that.

They even mix up orders sometimes. One time I ordered steam momos. After 20 minutes they served me fried momos. I was tired of waiting and was hungry also so I ate that itself but this is not a very professional way. I hope the staff and owners of D’vine momo cafe realize that.

I give them 3.5 out of 5 for this.

The ambiance of the D’vine momo cafe

The restaurant looks great. I love how they have decorated the place with wallpapers, delicate-looking lamps, customized chairs. Also, the music they play gives you a feel of a high-class place. They even provide outside sitting that I always prefer.

This is also a reason why this place is packed with customers. Friends, families, couples, everyone love this place. These all factors make your time at this cafe memorable and you always want to come back with enthusiasm.

I give 4.5 out of 5 for this.


This place is pretty hygienic. I never noticed anything that suggests otherwise. They keep the tables and place clean. They also take high precautions while serving the food so customers don’t feel uncomfortable about the food.

I give them 4.5 for this as well.

This takes me to the final rating and its stands at 4.3 overall. I have given the rating as a reference to city standards and the pricing. How much you spend at any place sets the reference we review any restaurant.


To conclude my review, I want to say that this place is top-notch. I Love this place. My wife who has always lived in big cities and is a momo junkie loves this place. I have spoken to many of my friends in the city and they all love the place.

The thing I love most is that my hometown Banda is increasing its standards rapidly. People have finally realized that banda has a great scope for food and more and more people are seeing restaurants as a great investment. And this ultimately creates more and more employment for locals.

Disclaimer: The photo and Instagram embed belong to the D’vine momo cafe. I have borrowed these from their social media accounts.


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