Prakash Dwivedi – Pride of Banda

Prakash Dwivedi is an Indian politician who became MLA of banda Sadar in 2017 After defeating Madhusudan Kushwaha(BSP) and Vivek Singh(INC) with a big margin in the 17th Legislative Assembly election of Uttar Pradesh. He has been doing a great job as MLA of Banda district since the first day he assumed office. He is known for his Strong personality, sense of humor, and his ‘Janta Darbar‘ that he holds every morning at his heritage home in Khurhand, Banda.

Prakash Dwivedi personal and contact details

Personal detailsPrakash Dwivedi is 39 years old. His education level is Graduate.
Wealth, profession, and criminal casesThe total assets of Prakash Dwivedi are ₹14.79 crores. His profession is Business, Agriculture.
There are no criminal cases against him as declared by himself in the affidavit.
addressPost. Khurhand, Station Banda

Phone number9415144025
SpouseSarita Dwivedi

Prakash Dwivedi family background

Prakash Dwivedi is very popular among people of all age groups in and around Banda. He is the one, the youth of banda look up to. In spite of being MLA, he is very down-to-earth in his thinking and you can see its resemblance in his way of talking. His wife Sarita Dwivedi has been District Panchayat President till January 2021. His father Ram jash Dwivedi was an influential personality of the Banda district (Bundelkhand)

Prakash Dwivedi

Prakash Dwivedi entry into politics

Prakash Dwivedi started his political career in 2017 when he won the Banda Sadar constituency and appointed as Banda MLA. He was a businessman and leaseholder of sand mines in banda. He has close contact with political leaders from multiple parties and had a great influence in and around Banda.

Prakash Dwivedi contested the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate and defeated his close contestant Madhusudan Kushwaha from Bahujan Samaj Party with a margin of 32,828 Votes. According to, Prakash Dwivedi has got 83169 votes whereas Madhusudan Kushwaha has got 50341 votes. Vivek Kumar Singh, member of Indian National Congress received 32223 votes and got third position.

He idealizes our PM Narendra Modi and always tries to learn from him. He always talks About Modi Ji, how Narendra Modi is taking our country to the top of the world. He often talks about Modi Ji’s Digital India mission and encourages youth to adapt to Digital ways of doing things.

Prakash Dwivedi Janta Darbar

This was a great initiative by him that enabled him to reach the people on a very basic level. He made it easy for common people to go and talk to him about any problem they might be having. He listens to everyone’s complains and issue and take immediate steps to ensure it’s being taken care of. This ground-level approach brought him closer to the people and made the process easy and straight forward.

Prakash Dwivedi also visit different villages and town under his jurisdiction from time to time and do the inspection of the development work and projects that was started by him or State government. He does not see who you are are or from which community you belong to, or which political party you support, he sees everyone in his constituency with same gratitude and take steps towards helping them.

Personality traits that make Prakash Dwivedi a great leader

Prakash Dwivedi is very popular among youth. The youth of banda look up to him as a youth icon. There are a lot of things that attract youth, here are a few of them which I noticed.

  • Hard worker: He is the most hardworking and dedicated leader in the whole Bundelkhand. He works 18 hours a day starting from 7 am in the morning till late at night. he is always seen talking to the public and attending local functions. He spends 3-4 hours in the morning listening to public issues followed by inspection of ongoing work around the district. The evening he spending attending local functions like the opening of someplace, public speaking. He spends the evening in his office doing paper works and also listening to people who visit him in his office.
  • confident and strong: Everyone wants to see these qualities in their leader. He take strong decisions and he is very confident when talking to the public, administration, and other leaders. He reaches out to top ministers and chief ministers to highlight pain areas for the people of India.
  • Great speaker and possess a good sense of humor: He is very good at public speaking When he talks everyone listens. He has clarity about what he wants to address. He has a great sense of humor, anyone who has met him knows about this. He will keep everyone around him engaged and entertained with his humor. He puts you at ease and makes it easy for you to speak about your concerns. This is what youth love most about him. He uses sarcasm in a fun and witty way.
  • Easily accessible to people: Anyone can reach Prakash Dwivedi very easily. Anyone call him anytime, he will pick your call and will talk to you. You can directly go to his home and office, he will listen to your problems and concerns. He is very down to earth and believe in simple life
  • He is well-read and educated: He had talked about it on multiple occasions in his interviews. he spends whatever time he gets in a reading. he holds good knowledge in a different subject. He has great command of Hindi and English and also understands sociology, economic and other topics. I have witnessed it when I went to meet him once, the way he uses metaphor and witty one-liners phrases, it’s just astonishing.
  • kind to the people: he is always ready to help people in need. During Covid-19 pandemic, he made sure no one in banda sleeps hungry at night. He had seen distributing food throughout summer lockdown. he had set up a control room and dedicated phone lines where people can his people anytime for food or any need. All locals appreciated his effort during the lockdown.
  • Strong spiritual and religious belief: He follows his religion with pride and very spiritual about this. He put on a specific Tilak on his forehead which has become a fashion statement among youth. He does not only talk freely about it but also follows every ritual of a Brahmin man. he spends sometime in the afternoon praying to god and meditating. He respects every religion.

Frequently asked question about Prakash Dwivedi

What Prakash Dwivedi’s birthday?

20 December 1976

What is the hometown of Prakash Dwivedi?

His home tome in Khurhand. It is 20 KM from Banda and 15 Km from Atarra.

Prakash Dwivedi contact no. and email

We can not share his contact no. You can ask your queries at his Facebook and Twitter page. here is the link to both.

Final words

We are hoping for Prakash Dwivedi, to keep working for the development of banda and hopefully work in direction of Bundelkhand’s development in the future by managing some key portfolio in state government. He has everything that it takes to be a great leader.


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