That day i almost died!!

When I was about 4-5 years old— I had a near-death experience.

I was slowly drowning, unconscious, moments away from passing into cold darkness. Then something happened.

I only remember the incidents through the stories told by family and neighbors, along with a few odd memory flashes around the incident.

In our village, there was a big pond. It was 10-15 feet deep in the middle and shallow around the edges. It had a reputation of taking 1-2 life every year.

My elder brother and I used to accompany our grandmother whenever she went to anyone’s home. One day my grandmother had to go to a relative’s place for some function in the afternoon. We tagged along.

Their home was on the side of the pond. Ladies were carrying out the function. We brothers came out and started playing outside near the pond.

We were sitting on the bottom stairs, dipping our toes in the water— Being kids. While playing with water, my brother’s slipper went into the pond and slowly started going away from us.

We tried to displace water by hand so the slipper would come back towards us. Instead, it kept going further away.

I got down into the edge to grab that skipper. I started chasing it and kept going deep in the water without realizing it. After a few moments, I slipped and got away from my brother’s reach, much deeper in water.

My brother started panicking. He first ran towards my home (Almost 200 meters from the pond).

He saw my father sitting there from a distance. As kids, We feared our father a bit. My brother thought if he would tell my father, he might get angry at him.

Out of instinct, my brother ran back towards that relative’s home. He told grandmother about it. She started crying.

That relative had two daughters. They knew swimming. As soon as they heard about me, they ran towards the pond and jumped into the water without wasting a single second.

I was drowning, unconscious, moments away from passing to the dark world. But those two girls in the form of angels came in and said to Mr. Yamraj—Not today.

They pulled me out of the water and performed PCR. I found my breath back

I owe my life to those two girls who jumped into the water without giving a single thought to their safety.


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