New India won’t be bullied

  • India has given the middle finger to the US by buying oil from Russia.
    • India is getting cheaper oil. The cherry on the top is — that Russia will owe India a favor.
    • Pakistan’s PM has applauded India’s foreign policy due to this move from India.
    • A message to the United States — We ain’t scared of your sanctions threat.
  • India hasn’t backed off its Arms deal with Russia to buy the S-400 missile defense system. Even when the U.S threatened with CAATSA.
  • India “accidentally fired a missile” that landed in Pakistan territory. India had shown Pakistan how vulnerable its anti-missile system is and you are within our reach.
    • India had escalated the terrorist attack on our army and performed 2 surgical strikes in the past.
  • India abstained from the UN vote against Russia, an old ally. India had huge pressure from the U.S, Japan, and other countries but it did not budge under that pressure.
    • India has shown that no one else will take our decision
    • India has managed to hold its balancing act for another day, despite the considerable pressures from the West to get off the fence and an open call from the Russian envoy in Delhi for its support.
    • India had shown that people from the West cannot make decisions on India’s behalf.
    • India did not support the war and appealed to both countries to resolve the conflict through dialog and even offered to play an intermediate role in it
  • India has the biggest digital transaction UPI platform and userbase. And all that happened in just 3 years.
    • Now we pay for tea, vegetables, and pain puri digitally.
    • We don’t carry wallets when we go out.
  • India showed China that India won’t be bullied by you. You can go f*ck yourself. Indian Army had the longest stand-off with China and didn’t give a single inch of our soil.
  • India has developed Rupay, a first-of-its-kind Global Card payment network from India, with wide acceptance at Shops, ATMs, and online.
    • It eliminates dependency on US companies’ Mastercard and Visa so they won’t bully us. Currently.
    • 4 countries already started accepting payments through it.
    • Some are suggesting that India offer this to Russia where MasterCard and Visa stopped services.

Also, we got a PM who can take a stand, who won’t be bullied by my Developed countries? We are new to India and we demand full respect.

Hum wo Indian PM nhi hai jo libir libir karte the. Ab Hmare India ko chahiye full Izzat.

Narendra Modi to America

Unemployment, overpopulation, and inflation is still the biggest issue but we are a work in progress. This is the most exciting time for India. The road ahead looks pretty good.


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