Why Bundelkhand expressway shows the real corruption in BJP government

It’s hard to compare things and people until you see them all at once.

Aditya Mishra

A few weeks back, I traveled from Delhi to my hometown and passed through three expressways — Yamuna expressway, Agra-Lucknow expressway, and Bundelkhand Expressway. I got to see and experience all three of them, and I could see the truth naked in front of me.

Bundelkhand Expressway, entirely planned and built by the BJP government, was the worst expressway in terms of quality and safety. I could smell the depth of corruption while passing through the Bundelkhand expressway.

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bundelkhand expressway

Bundelkhand expressway was opened to the public one month back, and it’s already broken in a few places and has big patches covering the roads at several parts of it. The Roads are of poor quality. It’s uneven and bumpy.

I knew, right there, the naked truth of the infrastructure development project of the Bjp government in Uttar Pradesh.

I understand that all government projects have some level of corruption, irrespective of the ruling political parties, but the Bundelkhand expressway project was knee-deep in the dirty corruption.

Even after the news of the Bundelkhand expressway breaking down just five days after its inauguration went viral, the u.p government did not take any strict action against the people responsible for it.

It shows that BJP is the most corrupt party. And it is only good at launching CBI probes against the opposition and has ED or IT department raiding their offices and homes.

People would say that you are a hater of the BJP and call me names for calling out the BJP government for its corruption and propaganda. I want to tell them that I have been a BJP supporter since I was a kid. My family has always supported and voted for BJP.

Even now, no one in my family would stand a single word against Modi Ji, I also have great respect for him, but I cannot say the same for the BJP government.

I am disappointed at the party founded by our beloved Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Bjp has switched its agenda from development, education, and employment to the Hindutva.

They have launched mass propaganda on social media since BJP made government in U.P and portraying themselves as the sole protector and sponsor of the Hindutava.

Who needs to work for the development and betterment of the country when they can get votes from this polarization?


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