Bundelkhand Expressway shows the true reality of the development projects in the U.P

Bundelkhand-Expressway built with a budget of thousands of crores, collapsed just five days after it was open to the public. It shows the true face of these development projects ridden with corruption. It is a great embarrassment for the current U.P government.

On 16th July 2022, Our Prime minister Narendra Modi Ji inaugurated a new expressway in U.P that connected Bundelkhand Region, including my hometown, to Agra and Delhi.

U.P government claimed that they have completed the project well ahead of time and saved hundreds of crores. It sounded great on paper. Everyone celebrated it without knowing the real picture.

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On 19th July, I traveled in this expressway and was surprised to see that it was nowhere near completion. There was a ton of work pending that would need six more months to complete.

What surprised me the most was that I found an Ox and many cows on the expressway that is supposed to run cars at 100-160 KMPH. It was the most careless thing by authorities as it risked the life of passengers who traveled at night. Anyone could fall victim to this carelessness.

Bundelkhand expressway

On 21st July, a small part of this newly built expressway collapsed due to rain. Just five days after its inauguration, it collapsed.
It raises many questions that need answers.

– Why this expressway was opened to the public when it was nowhere near completion? Why this work was completed in so much a hurry?

– How safe is this expressway?

– Who is responsible for this carelessness that could cost passengers their life?

– How deep is the corruption around these mega projects?

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