10 Popular hangouts in Banda – Places to visit in Banda

Banda, the city named after Bamdev rishi is a beautiful place in Bundelkhand, u.p. There are many places to visit in Banda where you can go to hang out with friends and family.

I was born and brought up in banda hence I got chance to visit all these popular places in Banda during my school days and those place still fascinates me, if you are in Banda and want to visit places around then read this blog where I will tell you all about popular hangout places in Banda.

List of top 10 places to visit in banda

Nawab Tank Banda

To start off my list, Nawab tank in banda Allahabad road (3 km from the city) comes first to my mind as this historic place is such a beauty and best suited to visit in the evening as watching the sunset from this point is a treat for eyes and soul. This place has got a big lake surrounded by historic structures made of red sandstone. you can see white swans swimming in the water.

There is a beautiful garden in front of the nawab tank where people from all over the place come with family to spend quality time on Sunday. Nawab tank Banda was built by the Nawab of Banda hence it got the name nawab tank. This Water tank was initially built to fulfill the water need of the city. In the middle of the water tank, there is a platform for Nawab’s throne from where he used to enjoy the view of the whole Kajri Fair with his wives. Read in detail about Nawab tank Banda Here

Bhuragarh fort Banda

The historic Bhuragarh Fort of Banda which is a symbol of love, sacrifice, patriotism, and sovereignty is situated on the bank of the Ken River banda. Buragarh fort has said to be built by Raja Guman Singh in the 17th Century. Brownstone was used to build this fort which gave it a reddish color. Every year one fair is held at Bhuragarh fort on Makar Sankranti which is known as “Aashiqo ka Mela” among locals. This place is must visit place in Banda

Buragarh fort is the place from where you can get the best view of the Ken river. watching sunrise and sunset from the Buragarh Fort can be a memorable experience
This place is popular as a great hangout place among youth. Sitting in Buragarh fort overlooking the beautiful sunset on Ken river can mesmerize you. Boys and girls from the city and nearby villages come here to have a great evening experience. Read in detail about Bhuragarh Fort, the best place to see in Banda

Ken River side

Banda is situated at the bank of this beautiful river of Ken and this is the most sought out attraction in the Banda city and this place must be on your list of places to visit in Banda. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the bridge or go to the Ghat and enjoy the river atmosphere in the evening.

You can enjoy the Aarati in the evening along with the ambiance around when you are sitting among the rocks in your solace while enjoying the cool evening breeze. The great atmosphere of Ken river gives you great peace. You can drive through the river bridge while raining and you will not forget the experience, that I can promise you

Bambeswar mountain

When we are talking about places to visit in Banda, how can I not mention Bambeswar mountain, everyone in Banda has one or another story associated with this place. I remember when I visited this place during my school days with my family for a picnic on Mahasivratri, that memory is still in my memories, even after 20 years. This place is go-to place for Youth in banda, any time of the day, 365 days of the year.

You can enjoy the calmness here when you coming alone and also you can have a bang with friends. You can see the whole city from this mountain. It is said that Rishi Bamdev, after whom the city was named Banda had spent years meditating at this mountain. There is popular Bamdev, The Shiva temple is just on the side of the mountain and you can see so many devotees here.

Mahabeeran Hanuman Temple Banda

Mahabeeran (Mahaveeran) sarkar Hanuman temple Banda is 350 years old Hanuman Temple is the center of faith among Devotees from all over India. It is situated on the Banda Allahabad highway, just 4 km from the heart of the city. It is believed that the wishes of every devotee who comes here with true heart and reverence are fulfilled. On completion of the vow, the devotees make offerings of laddus and rot.

The ambiance of the temple feels very peaceful as the location of the temple is outside the rush of the city and it is surrounded by greenery and a beautiful lake. spending time in this temple feels like meditation. This place heals all wounds on your soul. I have seen many people who come here and spend 1-2 hours in the surrounding of the temple. Read about the place in details here

This beautiful lake is beside the Mahaveer temple. earlier this lake used to be very clear but in recent years it got polluted as no one taking care of it properly. Lotus flowers blossoms in the lake in a great quantity which is sold during the Dushehra festival.

Maheswari Devi temple Banda

Maheswari Devi temple is the spiritual center of Banda. It always has been the center of attraction among people from banda and nearby towns and villages. It is located in the center of the heart of the banda city (Choti Bazar). Maheswari Devi temple is the most visited temple in the city and people from every gender and age group come here to pray to the goddess Durga. It is the most crowded place in the whole city during Navaratri as people from in and out city come for darshan in the morning and evening.

Today this temple is the tallest building in the whole city and it’s visible from every corner of the city. This tall skyscraper building represents the soul of Banda city where every resident believes in a standing tall attitude during all circumstances. we could spot this grand temple from Bhuragarh Fort which is out of the city.

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places to visit in Banda

Deep Dhaba Banda

Deep Dhaba in Banda is not just a place to have great food and hang out with friends, It is also the place where great memories are born. It’s the place people remember when they feel nostalgic. Deep Dhaba is a place where great stories are built and told. We all from banda have this place as part of our favorite stories as most of them took place here.

Deep Dhaba is a very popular North Indian restaurant/Dhaba in banda. It is situated on the banda-Allahabad highway, just 3 km outside the city. Deep Dhaba was established in 2000 by Sitaram Singh and rose to popularity with its great food at a very reasonable price. It is one of the best Hangout and dining places in the evening at banda. It is popular among the youth in the city.

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Places to visit in Banda -Hangout places in Banda
Tourist places in banda – Places to visit in Banda


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