Forts of Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand is known for its historic forts that are located all around the Bundelkhand regions. All the forts of Bundelkhand, specially Kalinjar fort have been attacked many times and every time it has shown defeat to its enemy. Bundelkhand forts are rich in history, they have seen many rulers over the years and you can still find the glimpse of Indian rich history engraved in the walls of these magnificent Bundelkhand forts.

If you are interested in the history of Bundelkhand then you must visit these historical forts of Bundelkhand. Read this blog where I will take you through all the popular forts in Bundelkhand.

Kalinjar Fort -Forts of Bundelkhand

I have to start with the most popular fort of Bundelkhand and that is none other than Kalinjar fort. The impregnable fortress of Kalinjar fort, near the temple-city and World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, should be on the must-visit list of all history and art lovers around the world. Kalinjar Fort is also a goldmine for landscape photographers as the panoramic view from the Kalinjar fort is mind-blowing.

Kalinjar fort has an undeniable place in Indian History. Many decisive battles were fought for the possession of this strategically located fort in ancient, medieval, and modern times, but the military aspect alone does not exhaust the importance of Kalinjar. The place is also a symbol of cultural and religious glory.

Kalinjar fort top view

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Jhansi Fort -Forts of Bundelkhand

Jhansi Fort or Jhansi ka Kila is a fortress situated on a large hilltop called Bangira, in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India. It served as a stronghold of the Chandela Kings in Balwant Nagar from the 11th through the 17th century. The fort of Jhansi has had strategic importance since the earliest of times. It was built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo (1606-27) of Orchha on a rocky hill called Bangra in the town of Balwantnagar (presently known as Jhansi).

The fort has ten gates ( Darwaza). Some of these are Khandero Gate, Datia Darwaza, Unnao gate, Jharna Gate, Laxmi Gate, Sagar Gate, Orcha Gate, Sainyar Gate, Chand Gate. The Jhansi Fort, a living testimony of ancient glamor and valor, also has a fine collection of sculptures that provide an excellent inside into the eventful history of Bundelkhand.

bundelkhand fort

Orchha Fort -Forts of Bundelkhand

Orchha Fort is one of the most famous places for Orchha. It is situated on the banks of the Betwa river in Orchha. The fort was built by Bundela Rudra Pratap Singh in the year of 16th century, which took many years to complete. It includes many structures like forts, palaces, historical monuments, etc. The fort complex includes many rare structures including palaces, temples, monuments, and historical monuments. The majestic fort tells about the tales of the splendid Bundela Rajputs and their valor.

Prominent in the fort complex is the Raja Mahal, which is the definition of complex architecture. A part of it converted into Ram Raja Temple is the only place in the country where Lord Rama is worshiped as Raja Rama. Other popular structures in the fort complex include the Jahangir Mahal, built by Bir Singh Deo in 1605, and the Rai Praveen Mahal, built by King Indrajit specifically for the dancer-poet Ram Pravesh. The Light and Sound Show at Orchha Fort is a major tourist attraction for people exploring Orchha tourist places.

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Forts of Bundelkhand

Ajaygarh Fort – Forts of Bundelkhand

The Ajaygarh Fort at Ajaygarh, Madhya Pradesh, is an important architectural monument of the Chandela dynasty. It is located in the Panna region of Madhya Pradesh. It takes about four hours to drive from Khajuraho to the fort, which is 65 kilometers away. Ajaygarh fort is a must-see for history buffs who want to learn more about medieval India.

The fort is not only situated in the stunning Vindhya range, but it also has an interesting history. The fort served as the Chandela dynasty’s capital for the last few years of their reign, and it is located near the Chandela shrine. Remember that to get into the fort, you’ll have to climb 500 steep stairs. Also, bring the food when you visit here as you will not find any place to eat nearby as this fort is isolated and you won’t find any place to buy food.

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Forts of Bundelkhand

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