Demand for Bundelkhand state- 10 reasons why government must create Bundelkhand state.

The creation of the Bundelkhand state has been in the headline for a long time. People have mixed opinions about it. Some feel that the Bundelkhand state is the need of the time for locals while others suggest that it will not be feasible to keep creating new states.

I am all in support of creating the Bundelkhand state and I have rational reasons to support my opinion. This article will justify the demand for the Bundelkhand state. It will answer the below questions a

  1. What is the requirement of a separate Bundelkhand state. ?
  2. How creating Bundelkhand state will help the people of the Bundelkhand region?
  3. Is this a legitimate demand by the people of the Bundelkhand region?

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ओरछा में घूमने की जगह

Is demand for a separate Bundelkhand state justified?

The demand of making a separate Bundelkhand state is totally justified given that central/state governments never cared for the development of the region. They are just Harnessening the minerals in the region and forgetting their responsibility towards the people of Bundelkhand. Let me start with its history then I will explain why the demand for making a separate Bundelkhand state is totally justified

Rise of Bundelkhand state demand- Political history

Since the early 1960s, there has been a movement for establishing a Bundelkhand state to promote the development of the region. In spite of people’s demands and protests, none of the central and state governments cared enough to act on it. Having Bundelkhand state is still a big dream for the people of Bundelkhand.

The chronological history of Bundelkhand state creation.

Before 1956 Bhundelkhand was a state but then it merged with Madhya Bharat to create Madhya Pradesh and the remaining was given to Uttar Pradesh(No can still justify why it was separated in 1956 or on what basis it was separated). Governments have been ignoring Bundelkhand’s development need for so long and still no one trying to work for its development.

There are several local parties and organizations, some promoting further development of the region and some seeking statehood. The agrarian crisis and farmers’ suicides are also cited as reasons for separate statehood.

What is Bundelkhand’s state demand?

According to Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha, 7 districts of U.P and 6 districts of M.P should be combined to make a separate state. They also want more political exposure to the Bundelkhand region

Bundelkhand is enriched with Natural minerals Like red sand and diamond and still, it is under-developed and economically backward. The people of Bundelkhand are very poor and the region is under-represented in Indian Politics as we only have one central big Leader, Umma Bharthi.

Ken river in bundelkhand state

10 reasons why we must have a separate Bundelkhand state

  1. Bundelkhand covers a region of 70000 sq km. Which is large enough for a new state to be developed. Both UP and MP are too big to be administered effectively so it’s better to make a new Bundelkhand state.
  2. Smaller the state it will be easier for the government to work for the Bundelkhand region. The single government of the U.P. or M.P. can’t handle this big area effectively.
  3. Bundelkhand is under-represented in Indian politics, we do not have any big leader other than Uma Bharti who has commanded in the center. Making a new state will send more people political representative to Lok Shabha and they will get some key portfolios also, that will help the Bundelkhand state
  4. There are very few industries that are making people migrate to other states for the job. making a new state will create new industries and set up thousands of factories that will bring lakhs of new jobs for people in Bundelkhand
  5. Bundelkhand is the most backward area of whole India and the MP/UP government doesn’t focus on uplifting these areas
  6. Bundelkhand is a separate region It’s having separate language .different custom and there is very little similarity between traditions of some areas of Malwa(Area of MP) or awadh(Area of UP) with Bundelkhand
  7. If a separate state will be made. All the development will start from zero levels..
  8. The literacy, education rate will increase. New offices, schools, industries, colleges will be made.
  9. New vacancies will be there for Government’s jobs.
  10. When a smaller state like Telangana can be made a separate state on demand of the local population then why not the Bundelkhand.

This is what people think about Bundelkhand state demand

bundelkhand state

Bundelkhand comes in which state

Bundelkhand consists of 7 districts spreading among Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Bundelkhand covers a region of 70000 sq km with a high population density. 7 districts of Uttar Pradesh (Chitrakut, Banda, Jhansi, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Mahoba, and Lalitpur) and 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh (Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Damoh, Sagar, Datia, and Panna) are part of Bundelkhand.

Proposal for Bundelkhand state in 2010

Bahujan Samaj Party government under Mayawati had proposed the creation of Bundelkhand state from seven districts of Uttar Pradesh in 2011. There are independent social organizations are built to support the creation of the Bundelkhand state.

organizations such as Bundelkhand Akikrit Party (BAP) and Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha (BMM) want it to include six districts from Madhya Pradesh as well.

Uma Bharati of Bharatiya Janata Party has promised a separate state of Bundelkhand within three years if her party voted to power, during the campaign for Loksabha Election, 2014 at Jhansi. A similar promise was made by Congress leader Pradeep Jain Aditya during Loksabha Election, 2014.

In December 2020, Bundelkhand Nirman morch did a bike rally. They gave their demands letter to Prime minister Narendra Modi, requesting him to fulfill his promise to make Bundelkhand state in election Rallies. They had a demand for Bundelkhand to be made a separate state and  Orchha as its Capital.

Final words – Why we must have bundelkhand state

The state government U.P.& M.P. had never put their attention on the poor and backward region of Bundelkhand as both UP and MP are too big to be administered effectively. Splitting both states of u.p and m.p to make Bundelkhand state will provide better visibility to the government about the people from small areas.

Bundelkhand state creation will help effectively administration of Bundelkhand region and will help accelerate grown of the region. If Telangana can get its separate state then why we should not have Bundelkhand state. Please share this with everyone and spread awareness.

Frequently Asked question about Bundelkhand state

Bundelkhand is located in which state?

Bundelkhand is a central part of India, it is spread in parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhyapradesh.

What Districts are part of Bundelkhand

7 districts of Uttar Pradesh that are part of Bundelkhand are Chitrakut, Banda, Jhansi, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Mahoba, and Lalitpur.
6 districts of Madhya Pradesh that are part of Bundelkhand are Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Damoh, Sagar, Datia, and Panna.


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