What can we learn about marketing from Mushesh Ambani’s reliance jio venture?

Before Jio came, I remember paying 400 rs for just 1 GB of internet data and Talktime, SMS, roaming charges. Indian middle-class customer base was fed up with existing telecom countries.

when Jio came into the market, Airtel and Vodafone were dominating the market. Just within 6 months, Jio became the majority shareholder in the telecommunication market. How did they do it was the perfect example of some great marketing stuff some of that isn’t even taught at school.

How Reliance Jio approached their marketing

Step 1: Knowing who your customer is.

Jio knew that their primary customer base is 300–350 million middle class with some upper and lower middle class. These were the people who will switch to a different network if they see benefits. Rich guys don’t care about tint expenses on mobile stuff.

Step 2: Know the pain areas of the customer.

Jio understood that people are paying 1000 Rs on average for their mobile expenses. If you have 5 members in the middle-class family, then it sums up to 5000 rs on mobile expenses, which is a big amount for the Indian middle-class.

Step 3: Consider the Timing and use it to your advantage.

that time was the rise of the affordable smartphone market and almost everyone in the middle class was buying those. Those phones came with a dual sim card so it won’t be an issue for people trying out a second sim (Jio one).

step 4: Figuring out how to appeal to your primary consumers.

Jio new middle-class Indian loves free stuff. You offer anything for free and they will come running. Guess what!!, Mukesh Ambani was right. people stood in line during hot summer days to get the hold of a magical free sim card which provided them access to a world of the internet.

I was a bit late to join Jio but I git in eventually, and I don’t regret it. they offered free services for many months, they incurred huge losses but a good businessman sees the losses as an investment into future profits.

Step 5: turning losses into profits

Once they got enough users and saw many users migrating to jio from other networks, they pushed one small plan worth rupees 199 and slowly increased it slowly. Customers didn’t mind it as they were paying 5 times this amount prior to Jio.

They slowly started increasing tariffs in small bits that no one hardly noticed. They turned a profit and now it’s running smoothly.

ou might realize how big an achievement it was to make a place in a place that was heavily controlled by existing huge players like Airtel and Vodaphone

Jio made them run for their money and consumers were happy.


  1. Jio made unlimited calls/data affordable for every Indian, ultimately making people happy.
  2. Get got the big chunk of userbase from Airtel who has almost had a monopoly in the telecommunication market. Jio did all this in a very short period of time.
  3. used the obsolete Reliance Communication’s infrastructure that was eating dust and used that to establish a successful company.

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