My first salary

I came from a family where we wait for the day we start earning so we can share the financial burdens with our father.

I started my engineering career with Wipro after completing in 2012 but my first salary came from private tuition.

I had got an On-campus placement in Wipro but they had not provided the joining date. I was at home doing nothing but watching my father working day and night to put food on the table.

Those were some hard days for my family and not being able to help my parents were making me miserable. One of my relatives was looking for a private tuition teacher for their kids who studied in 9th and 10th standard.

I told them that I would do it for a few months while I waiting for my joining date. They offered me 1000 bucks for a month, and back in 2012, 1000 Rs was not that less. I walked 4 km daily for that tuition.

So after a month, they handed me 10 100 RS notes. I got back on the road to walk back home. I cannot explain the value of that 1000 RS in words.

I went to one garment store, bought myself a nice t-shirt, a white cotton shirt for my father, and one dress for my sister. I had 500 RS left on my hand.

I went home and handed those 5, 100 RS notes to my mom so she could use that for groceries. And this is how I spent my first salary. I was very happy that day.

The first salary is always very special for a person, no matter how big/small amount it is.

After 2 months I got the joining date from Wipro, I joined Wipro on 17th December 2012 and haven’t looked back. I am currently working with IBM and earning a handsome salary and living a very comfortable life with my parents.

Our difficult days are long gone!!! I sometimes look back to those days to keep me grounded, and also remind me where I come from.


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