Why people love Narendra Modi

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is a great world leader. People love Narendra Modi for many reasons. His story from a tea-seller to the prime minister can inspire anyone. it gives people hope that they can achieve anything if they work for it.

The honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only the person, it’s and symbol of development, a man with vision, a person who believes in the ideology of Swami Vivekanand, Late APJ Abdul kalam, and the freedom fighter. Most Importantly they don’t only just blindly follows the great personalities, they implement those ideologies in India.

People love Narendra Modi for his Strong decision making

He is a leader who is known for his strong decisions. Either it being demonetization, GST implementation, scraping 370, surgical strikes on Pakistan, and ending triple talaq. there are many examples where he had shown the world how to do it.

When he takes some decisions, he sticks by that. This is a quality everyone looks for in a leader. His tough decision making has been the highlight of his tenure as prime minister of India

People love Narendra Modi for his Futurist mindset:

Narendra Modi is a visionary leader. He believes in staying current in ongoing technical advancement and believe in adapting and rolling them out for the people of India. He had a dream to see a new Digital India. He created ways for that in our country. In 2018 he started pushing for digital transactions via UPI to curb corruption.

Now in 2021, we see almost everyone making payments via Paytm, phone pay, google pay. Thanks to him, we don’t need to carry a wallet when we go out in metro cities as everyone takes money digitally. Even street vendors and small veggies sellers are taking payment digitally. Not just in megacities, small towns are also adopting these.

I am working from my small town in the u.p and I do not carry a wallet, I just use my mobile to pay for everything. Who would have predicted that a few years back. Everything moving online. It’s all convenient now.

People love Narendra Modi for his great sense of humor and brilliant public speaking skill

He got a great sense of humor and knows how to engage people whenever he says something. His strong voice does magic for him.

People love Narendra Modi because he is fearless

Modi is a fearless leader, he does not bow in front of the world’s strong countries, either it is the USA or China. A few months back he gave our Army a free and during the longest Indo-China standoff in Leh-Laddhak.

He is well respected and admired by the likes of Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel Prime minister). He gave a hefty pay-back to Pakistan with surgical strikes.

People love Narendra Modi for his Atam Nirbhar Bharat mission

This is a great initiative by PM Modi for the development of India. He wants to reduce Indian dependency on other countries for defense and other accessories. He is establishing a defense industrial corridor to manufacture defense equipment, arms, and ammunition. it will generate employment and some sense of self-dependency.

Narendra modi launched revolutionary projects like Make in India, under which millions of small businesses, local businesses, Innovative startups, small and mid-cap IT, and non-IT industries get benefited. Below are some statistics about the Make in India project.

Narendra Modi’s made in India initiative

  • Automobiles and Automobile components
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Defense manufacturing
  • Electronic systems and Electrical Machinery
  • Food Processing and Biotechnology
  • Leather, Textiles & Garments
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Railways, Ports & Shipping
  • Thermal Power and Renewable Energy
  • Roads & Highways
  • Space sector
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Frequently asked question about Narendra Modi

What is Narendra Modi’s parent’s name?

Damodardas Mulchand Modi is his father and
Hiraben Modi is his mother

What are Narendra Modi education details?

He has a post-graduate degree. He studied in University of Delhi (BA) Gujarat University (MA)

Is Narendra Modi is married?

Yes , he is married to Jashodaben Modi  who is a retired school teacher

When and how did Narendra become chief minister the first time?

In 2001, Current CM Keshubhai Patel’s health was declining and his government was alleged for abuse of power. Hence Narendra Modi was appointed as Chief Minister of Gujarat on 3 October 2001


Well, nothing is Ideal in this world, no one is perfect. even Modi is also not 100% perfect, but still, they are trying to build this nation like never before.

During the tenure of the Modi government, they tried to give the Best infrastructure, hospitality, digital transformation, lifting under-privileged people to a class of middle-class level.

They devoted their whole life to this nation. They launched many development schemes for the Indians, passed many useful laws for the poor people, and also help the genuine taxpayer to fulfill their dreams by paying a very little amount of tax to Government.


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