Auroville- The place on the earth where the border doesn’t exist

Auroville is an experimental universal town in India, located near Pondicherry, Tamilnadu. Auroville is an experimental society where people from 59 countries live together in peace and harmony. This is the place to visit if you are looking for some peace in this fast stressful life.

Auroville Mantramandir

Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.


People who live at Auroville

Anyone can join this community irrespective of nationality, gender, skin color, and money. As long as you are willing to work here with everyone, this town takes care of all basic needs. People who live in this town can work anything they want and be anyone they want. People can work as architects, designers, or street cleaners, everyone is respected the same, with no discrimination whatsoever. you can try anything to discover yourself.

When people go to store in the town, they do not pay by cash. they give account details as the community os builds on trust.All the houses built here are sustainable. They are made out of bamboo, brick and are solar-powered. Everything follows the master plan of the town called a galaxy.

Why should you visit Auroville

People who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find some tranquilly come to Auroville. This location welcomes everyone with open arms and is home to a variety of local businesses. These organisations use meditation, yoga, and other techniques to help you fight the inner soul conflict and find peace. Visiting Auroville and these organisations is affordable, as there are many options accessible.

Apart from them, Matrimandir is regarded as Auroville’s heart. This place will change your way of life and outlook on life. Matrimandir rejuvenates you with its natural beauty and lush green surroundings. You can participate in seminars held here that will introduce you to Auroville’s goals and help you extend your perspective on life.

Places to see in Auroville

Places to see in Auroville

Matrimandir – Place to see in Auroville

Located in the centre of Auroville, this magnificent spot is surrounded by lush flora and filled with optimism. It creates the ideal atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. Make a reservation for your visit here. If you want to explore the inner rooms of Matrimandir, you must make a reservation. It’s also worth noting that cameras and videotapes are not permitted. The Centre of the galaxy is Matrimandir, People come here to find themselves via total silence, it’s a hell of a place.

Auroville Beach – Place to see in Auroville

Auroville Beach, also known as Auro Beach, is a picturesque beach located 10 kilometres from the ashram. It is one of Pondicherry’s most popular beaches, and the natural beauty of the area will captivate you. It features clear water and clean shoreline, which draw those who want to spend some quality time here. Because there are fewer restaurants on this beach, you can bring your own food if necessary.

Adishakti Theatre – Place to see in Auroville

Adishakti Theatre, also known as Adishakti Laboratory Theatre Arts Research, is located on the outskirts of Pondicherry. This place is well-known for its great performances by a performing arts group. If you’re lucky, you could be fortunate to see a live running show while you’re here. It also provides housing for the artists who take part in the event.

Experiences you will have at Auroville

Auroville is a location that will not only win your heart, but also your spirit and body. This city’s entire development is stimulating and remarkable. The Matrimandir, encircled by beautiful greenery, is the town’s focal point. Beautiful nurseries have been added around the town’s perimeter. The city of Auroville is separated into several zones, including a construction zone, a social zone, a peace zone, and a private zone.

  1. The entire region is a spectacular blinding sight that appears to have been dipped in brilliant greens. The basic idea behind creating this ideal property is to balance nature and turn no man’s land into an outstanding living area.
  2. Auroville is regarded as one of the top meditation retreats in the world. It helps you in achieving mental peace; you can also engage in yoga sessions and learn a healthy approach to live a happy life here.

Things you must know before visiting Auroville

If you planning to take a trip to the city of dawn, Auroville then you should know below things that will help you to make best out of the trip to Auroville.

  1. Allow yourself to believe in humanity and understand that everyone is equal, and that you should be willing to help others. This is the core belief behind the very foundation of Auroville. If you are going to visit Auroville then you should embrace it.
  2. You should correctly plan your visit, which entails managing your schedule so that you do not miss out on anything spectacular. My blog will help you to know most of the things. You can get more info from the official website of Auroville,
  3. You should plan to attend the Matrimandir’s morning orientation tour, which includes a brief sitting in the inner chamber. This place will give you a peace that you never knew existed within you.
  4. Sit and explore the Auroville library to learn more about the community, its culture, ideas, and much more.
  5. Walk around and talk to as many people from the township. They will inspire you and help you understand the magical place, Auroville is.

Rituals at Matrimandir in Auroville

The Matrimandir does not have any unique rituals because it is not a site where people worship any god or goddess. It is a symbol of honesty that opposes any sort of human division or distribution and promotes animal and natural love. This location takes you closer to nature and shows you the way to happiness and calm. You will become lost in this place’s beautiful green, tranquil, and soothing environment.

You can participate in an introductory tour that covers Auroville’s entire philosophy. You may also relax and restore yourself by participating in meditation and yoga classes. There’s also the farm, which grows vegetables and other food items that are then distributed throughout Auroville. If you want to explore the inner rooms of Matrimandir, you must make a special reservation. It is supposed to be the most tranquil location, full of positive energy, that will completely rejuvenate you.

Places to Eat at Auroville

The following are the most well-known spots to enjoy the food and surroundings. I have had eaten at these places and the food was delicious and ambiance was great.

The Solar Kitchen – Place to eat at Auroville

It serves a vegetarian and universal menu composed primarily of Auroville-grown vegetables and cereals. Since December 1997, this kitchen has served the Auroville neighbourhood. This restaurant’s menu includes traditional South Indian meals as well as international cuisines. By ensuring optimum food quality, the Solar Kitchen happily serves 540 meals to schools and service centres.

La Terrace – Place to eat at Auroville

This restaurant is a lovely spot immediately above Solar Kitchen, nestled under the lovely branches of the Caja tree. This restaurant specialises on western cuisine, and you can enjoy both the food and the natural scenery surrounding you. Many foreign visitors come to Auroville, and La Terrace makes sure they don’t miss home by supplying them with their favourite cuisine. This cafe serves not only western but also south Indian cuisine, and you must sample the Dosa and a cup of coffee when you arrive.

Places to Stay during your trip to Auroville

When you visit Auroville, finding a place to stay will never be a problem because there are so many possibilities. There are numerous guesthouses, hostels, hotels, and other accommodations available to suit your needs and budget. The following are a few well-known spots where you might organise your visit to Auroville:

Sun Farmhouse – Place to Stay at Auroville

This is a lovely location with all the amenities, including wi-fi and well equipped private washrooms. At the resort, you will be served a breakfast buffet. This location will give you with lovely lodgings and excellent service, allowing you to feel close to nature. This place will give you the breathing experience of life at Auroville

Loka Homestay – Places to Stay at Auroville

This is a lovely place to stay because it will make you feel as if you are at home. You will be able to experience Auroville’s ambiance, culture, and way of life. This homestay offers well-equipped rooms and bathrooms, as well as a patio and gardens, to ensure that your stay is enjoyable.

The Green Box (Shipping Container Home Stay in Auroville)

This is a one-of-a-kind spot where you can stay while visiting Auroville. You’ll be living in an eco-friendly container home with all of the amenities you could want. You will also be able to use the swimming pool here.

Best Time to Visit Auroville

The best time to visit Auroville is during the winter months, which last from November to March. Winter is the greatest season to visit because you won’t be subjected to the sweltering heat. You will be accompanied by the weather from November to March, which will add to your peace; you will feel more comfortable and can meditate while the breeze blows through your face, refreshing you.

Auroville has a tropical climate. As a result, you should avoid visiting this location during the summer, when it is hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 40 to 44 degrees. During this season, you will have troubles because of the heat and humidity, and you will not be able to enjoy your stay at this location, but you will have the opportunity to do so in the morning and evening. From July to October, Auroville receives sporadic rainfall, with the most rainfall happening in October.

How to Reach Auroville

Auroville is 13.5 kilometres from the Pondicherry bus station. It will take you about 30 minutes to get to Auroville. Once aboard the bus, ask the driver to let you off at Auroville, which is located on the ECR road. You won’t have any problems getting to Auroville because there are numerous buses available.

Auroville is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and includes a small portion of Puducherry. It is located 10 kilometres north of Puducherry and 150 kilometres south of Chennai.

There is no set time for visiting this location; nonetheless, you can go whenever you choose. You do not have to pay any fee to see and visit the place.

Visitors will not have any troubles because this location has adequate accommodations for their basic needs, such as guesthouses, dorms, and hotels, all of which are priced according to their budget. This area has several good restaurants in which you can conveniently get delicious food to eat. It also boasts good transportation and health-care facilities.

My experience of Auroville – Best trip of my life

I have visited here 5 in 2014 when I went with my office colleagues. It’s a must-visit place. I had spent the whole day at this place talking to the people from all countries who live here. It was a great experience.

History of City of dawn, Auroville

Auroville is an experimental society founded in 1968 on the ideology of 2 people, Indian Yogi Shri Aurobindo, and one french lady, Mirra Alfassa, who is known as the mother by people in the town. Auroville word is made of 2 words, Auro and Ville. “Auro” means dawn and “Ville” means city, so this City of Dawn has a great history of 51 years.

In March 1914, a rendezvous between the two remarkable personalities came up in Auroville. Mother took over the burden of bringing Sri Aurobindo’s concept of “universal town” into the real world when Sri Aurobindo died in 1950. Sri Aurobindo’s beliefs on humanity and putting their efforts together to build a unique society were her main ideals. The township was founded with a single goal in mind, to create a society where people of any and all nations can live together in peace and harmony.

This universal township was established with the goal of bringing people together and encouraging them to make it a centre for ongoing training and improvement. This was made feasible by showing a little respect for their position, religious declaration, nationality, or race. Individuals from 124 countries, including Indians from 23 different states, gathered and merged a portion of their native soil brought from their respective countries to create something pure.


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