10 online jobs that will generate employment in Bundelkhand

Lack of employment in Bundelkhand had always been a problem of common people. COVID-19 has made it worse as the lack of people in Bundelkhand lost their job and not able to get a new job as the economy is crippled.

Thanks to the internet, now you can earn good money working from home. I am going to tell you new ways to make good money online so keep reading. I will talk about all possible ways to make money online from the comfort of your home

How the internet will help generate new jobs in the backward Bundelkhand region

When it is not easy to get traditional employments opportunities in Bundelkhand due to the huge population and fewer jobs, we need to explore new employments methods. The boom on the internet has created all sorts of jobs which can help you make enough money to support your family and live a good life.

Complete guide to making money online designed for people of Bundelkhand.

I will talk about the 10 best ways to make a living following your real passion. You can decide for yourself what you want to do. You can turn your hobby into your profession. Signup on Fiverr, Upwork , People per hour, and Guru. you will get work for any skill you might have. You will be paid on an hourly basis or on the basis of projects.

10 ways to make money online from home – Bundelkhand employments

1. Become an online content writer

This is the best time to start writing online and make good money. Our Bundelkhand needs people to earn a living by internet writing. You can write in Hindi or English, write about any topic you like. If you have writing as your hobby and what to make a career in writing then becoming a content writer is best for you. There are so many great platforms where you can start writing and show people your work and find your clients. Here are your options where you can start.

  • Start writing in Quora, either in Hindi or English. Quora is a question and answer-based site. You can write about your life experiences, share your wisdom and expertise. You can use people’s feedback to improve your craft, make connections and even find clients who will ask you to write from them. Quora partnership program also a good way to earn good money.
  • Register yourself in Fiverr, upwork , People per hour and Guru. You will get work from people who need some content to be written for their needs. A lot of people outsource writing jobs and they pay good money from that. These platforms provide you good money for your content.
  • Write on social media like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and others to get more exposure and freelance gigs.
  • Earn money by writing on popular websites like Medium.com, Newsbreak. They pay very good money.
  • Ghostwrite for politicians, businessmen, and influencers who need to show themselves a thought leader. They will pay you good money

2. Earn money by blogging

Blogging has been a great way of making money for a long time. I have seen people who had left their job to do blogging full time. Bundelkhand people have so much scope for blogging as we have a great heritage and competition is very less. You do not need to learn computer science to build a blog, it has become very easy these days. You can blog without having your own blog free of cost. You can start for free or you can have your won blog where you will spend for hosting.

You can choose any topic to blog about. It can be travel, food, movie, news, fashion, politics, history, sports, education, fitness, and health. You can use micro topics that are more dedicated to specific things like Bundelkhand’s history, north Indian food, or the fitness of old people. You can decide for yourself.

  • You can blog for free using google’s Blogger, Tumblr blog, wordprss.com . You do not pay a single penny, everything is free. you can put Ads and affiliate links to make money.
  • You can purchase your own hosting and use wordpress.org to design your own blog.

3. Become a graphics designer

If you are good with Graphic design then this can be a very good option for you. If you do not know, you can still learn it. Use can use adobe photoshop, illustrator, these are paid tools. you can use free tools like canvas, Inkscape, photopia. Website developers, digital marketers need graphic designers for all sorts of things. You can design logos, illustrations, business cards, flyers, and even social media posts.

There is a huge demand for freelance Graphic designers. make a portfolio in Behance and Weebly. You can apply for Upwork which will send you to work your way

4. Become a video content creator

This is a booming field since TikTok came to pictures. you must have seen those less than minute videos of teens doing things. Now we have facebook shorts, Instagram reel, Facebook shorts where you can start. you can also create long-form videos on youtube and Facebook. If you attract the audience, you can make good money. This is a vast topic with endless opportunities. If you like traveling, they visit places, post vlogs, review different restaurants. Whatever you have knowledge of, make videos on that. phone/car/bike review.

5. Earn money by online teaching

If you like teaching, it can be anything, you can do that on youtube. make a channel and start creating tutorials on any topic you have knowledge of. You can teach coding, blogging, marketing, physics, maths, chemistry, commerce or whatever you like. You can also make tutorials in any software you have knowledge of. If you do not have much knowledge of those tools, learn some tools, and start teaching others. You can teach yoga also on youtube.

6. Become a video editor

This work is required by millions of YouTubers, advertisement agencies, wedding videos. A lot of people shoot a video and send it to creative freelancers to edit the video for their commercials. Remember those pizza commercials, how nice they look, they are edited a certain way. You can apply in places like Upwork, fiverr, LinkedIn or have your own portfolio where you can showcase your work and client’s feedback.

it will help you get more work. If you do not have any experience, you can learn, there are so many resources available.

7. Photography

If you are good at taking great pictures, you can earn good money online. Take great landscape/wildlife photos and sell them to stock websites. You can capture different types of moments that can be sold online. Like the above options, this is also having endless opportunities.

8. become a social media handler

If you are good with social media interactions, you can be a freelance social media handler. A lot of celebrities, politicians, small/big companies, need people to handle their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts as they do not have time or creativity to engage people in social media. Establishing a good social media presence is what everyone looking for these days.

First, you need to prove your capability so you need to have a good social media presence that you can showcase to clients. reach out to people who need handlers and pitch your ideas, tell them creative ways in which you can help them portray a great image.

9. Earn money with digital marketing

Bloggers and small/big companies need Digital marketers to spread their work and help them get more customers. You can work with bloggers to get back-links for their content. Run social media and google ad campaigns for them. Here I will mention it again, if you do not know anything about it, you can learn that very fast. You just need to have determination. Learn and make money.

10. Earn by designing fashion and home Accessories

You can design accessories like customized coffee mugs, cards, pillow-case, home decor. Just anything you can think of, sell it on amazon or on your personal website which you can create using free tools like WordPress.

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It’s up to you, what your interests, skills are that will help you make money online. Make a good profile on Linkedin which is a great way to get freelance work your way. If possible, get one portfolio online, it can be your websites, Facebook/Instagram pages where you can showcase your work. it will start slow, you have to be patient and hardworking. Get your first client, either friends/relatives or neighborhood businesses to give you the first project which you can use to pitch for future clients.

These all can generate employment in Bundelkhand and people can make a good life for themselves.


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